Top 10 No Code Platforms for Startup Founders in 2021

The year hasn’t concluded just yet, but experts are already rounding up their business forecasts, sharing anticipated trends, and tackling what global communities can look forward to in 2021.

Among the several points of discussion in the technology space is the expanding domination of the no-code movement. With more people turning to application programming to embrace automated solutions, it bears mentioning which no-code platforms shine the brightest in the name of business development.

Here are the top 10 no-code platforms for startups founders:

1. Bubble

It’s only right to begin this list with the best way to build apps without code. Firstly, is the most powerful platform that allows leaders to run web applications without breaking a sweat. Entrepreneurs and creatives will find that Bubble isn’t only a robust platform to establish a business on; it’s also incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What’s more, the no-code leader also fosters an ecosystem of companies providing professional services, including customized app development and training. Simply put, you’re never going to get left behind with Bubble.

2. Adalo

Adalo is a premium no-code provider that enables users to develop custom native apps. In other words, leaders looking to enter the smartphone scene with a serviceable app will fall in love with Adalo’s drag-and-drop interface. Users can either take off from a template or develop the product they wish from scratch.

3. Appgyver

Appgyver is a stunning contender in the world of no-code. Able to build web and mobile apps, this platform is a crowd favorite among marketers who wish to build a strong digital presence across multiple devices. Because Appgyver works in Android and iOS environments, you can create endless products on virtually anything you want your users to consume your media on—tablets, phones, laptops, you name it.

4. AppSheet

Entrepreneurs who run product-driven businesses will adore AppSheet as much as the next technical professional. This platform allows users to quickly automate business processes, making data-gathering and menial tasks faster than ever. Because AppSheet is AI-powered, you can count on it to auto-construct actions and provide intelligent suggestions. Perfect for those who go through arms and lengths to get digital work done, prepare to work more efficiently and smartly when developing software with this platform.

5. Glide

Glide’s tagline is “build an app from a spreadsheet in five minutes for free.” Rightfully so, this platform provides you powerful computed columns that help simplify Google sheet logic in a breeze. Run calculations, determine data, and establish conditional statements without a single line of code at all. While this is perfect for anyone who manages a brand, leaders whose teams work remotely will find this platform a blessing from above as internal communication processes a breeze.

6. Thunkable

Another gorgeous platform in the name of native app development is Thunkable. Founders and leaders who are considering making a name for themselves in the smartphone app community should try this out, as it functions in Android, iOS, and the mobile web app capacity. Let your market download your product or simply give them the link to your app; it’ll work effectively either way!

7. Airtable

As their own website cites, “Airtable is a platform for building collaborative applications.” In other words, like many providers on this list, Airtable, too, stores information in a spreadsheet, making it a reliable database businesses can utilize for Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) purposes. Entrepreneurs who are big on project planning, task management, and inventory-tracking will also find this platform useful. Although this no-code gem can be optimized in many ways, this platform functions best for leaders who work with large and distant teams.

8. Carrd

Carrd is a striking website builder that helps visionaries create ravishing landing pages. Think of it as a Squarespace alternative for those looking to develop fully responsive one-page sites only; no added drama, no extra confetti, and no unnecessary fireworks. Perfect for business leaders whose product lines and services are limited, Carrd is a no-fuss no-code provider that’ll improve how you engage with your audience in no time. 

9. Webflow

Another capable challenger in no-code website hosting and building is Webflow. Also a powerful SaaS application, leaders are treated to the simplicity of visual programming with the grandeur of products one typically gets with conventional coding practices. A lot more customizable and much more extensive than Carrd, creatives looking to develop aesthetic web apps will appreciate how straightforward and genius Webflow is.

10. Appy Pie

What can’t Appy Pie do? From chatbot development to mobile application and website building, Appy Pie is a proficient no-code platform that reminds visionaries that there is no limit to creating breathtaking products. An equally competent contender in the no-code community, this platform doesn’t only help entrepreneurs create functionally beautiful apps; they aid in domain registration, too. A one-stop-shop for anyone considering web domination, it’s easy to understand what Appy Pie is on the list.


There is no turning back—automation is the future, and the digital landscape is where and how we progress. As leaders of innovation, it is only right for us to move forward with our markets’ best products and practices in mind. No-code isn’t only here to stay; it’s here to conquer how we do business, too. Build an app for your business today and future-proof your enterprise. Give us a call, and we’ll journey with you in redefining how brands should behave in the next normal.

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