Top 10 No Code Platforms for 2021

As our shift to the digital space is more apparent by the day, entrepreneurs are turning to no-code platforms to help future-proof businesses and improve both customer service experiences and company processes.

Here are the top 10 no-code platforms to watch out for in 2021

1. Bubble

Dubbed as the most powerful platform that empowers you to build and run web applications without code, Bubble is a terrific choice for beginning citizen developers. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users to create virtually anything, making it a staple solution for leaders looking to produce engaging web applications. From social media brands to e-commerce empires and two-sided marketplaces to CRMs, visionaries will be pleased to know that data-driven Bubble can do it all!

2. BettyBlocks

Arguably one of the no-code pioneers, BettyBlocks is a proficient platform, capable of letting users build apps for all devices. An equally robust development platform, citizen developers can create enterprise-grade applications without needing to code at all. What’s more, it’s also one of the highest-rated no-code platforms to date, easily making it a crowd-favorite of both incoming non-coders and seasoned coders alike.

3. Quixy

Optimizing all that visual programming can offer, Quixy enables business users to build applications and automate processes quickly. By utilizing graphical drag-and-drop interfaces, citizen developers can see what goes where and effortlessly develop software in no time. With new capabilities supplemented regularly, Quixy makes it easier for creatives, freelancers, and founders to build applications minus the stress. 

4. Thunkable

Perhaps one of the easier platforms to build mobile apps on, Thunkable is a user-friendly no-code brand that encourages business leaders to come up with stunning and functional customer-centric applications. One of the best game players in the name of drag-and-drop interfaces, Thunkable provides a pleasant visual editor that emerging citizen developers will find easy to navigate.

5. Airtable

Best suited for leaders with dynamic teams, Airtable does a fantastic job storing information, making it a stellar solution for businesses that rely heavily on project-planning, task management, tracking inventory, and other similar activities. Think of this no-code platform as an improved spreadsheet; only this time, you can do so much more.

6. AppSheet

One of the more commercially known platforms, AppSheet is a go-to solution for many of the world’s celebrated brands—Pepsi, ESPN, and Clearlink are a few examples. Contrary to other contenders on the list, AppSheet thrives primarily in connecting existing data sources and developing mobile and web apps reliant on cloud-computing platforms like DropBox and Google Drive.

7. Zapier

Zapier’s seamless integration with other cloud-based applications is what makes this no-code platform a winner for its users. Those who depend on multiple apps will find that Zapier effortlessly simplifies processes, eliminating the need to perform tasks on various applications manually. For instance, if you need to receive an email when one user updates slack, you can instantly do so without writing code anymore. Simply put, it automates processes, hastening the way you do work.

8. Forms On Fire

Paperwork can be an arduous process to brave, especially when you have endless documents and projects to go over. Perhaps one of the best no-code platforms for businesses, Forms on Fire helps leaders develop offline-capable and employee-facing applications that aid in simplifying how work is done. Those looking to improve remote work will find this platform extra handy, especially at a time like this.

9. Parabola

Connecting one app to another can be a technical chore not too many people are equipped to work on, but Parabola is changing that. Through their platform, users can automate repetitive data tasks, allowing for faster results and the elimination of tedious manual work. From CRM workflows to email marketing, Parabola is making automation much more feasible to the non-coder.

10. Outgrow

Whether you’re working on a thesis or gathering market feedback, Outgrow can help you better acquire leads and data by building customized assessments, quizzes, chatbots, and polls. The no-code platform has a host of design templates users can choose from, too. It also helps that Outgrow’s products are fully optimizable for tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

No-Code is here to stay.

Numerous business leaders rely on the no-code space to keep their businesses up and running. Because these platforms are now very much capable of developing a wide array of digital products, entrepreneurs are seeing the value in what visual programming can extend to enterprises.

The vast selection of no-code brands also indicates that there is a platform for every type of business. It doesn’t matter if what you manage is a two-sided marketplace or an emerging social media platform. The possibilities of what you can create through no-code are endless; all that’s left for you to do is begin.

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