The Rise of Citizen Developers

The rise of citizen developers is unstoppable.

With the help of low and no-code platforms, such as Bubble – a no-code web dev platform, anyone can develop their own websites or apps that elevate menial to critical tasks into smoother and more efficient processes.

No longer are web and app development exclusive to specifically skilled people. Nor does it need years of education to comprehend. As these tools require very little to no prior coding knowledge, in only a few weeks of training or research online, any novice can build their own custom website or app for their small business or for personal purposes.

What does it mean for anyone with technical demands?

Whether you need it for a small business you started recently, or want to digitize your already established business, the demand for your entrepreneurial venture to go on the world wide web is not yours alone. Everyone is aiming to expand their reach to the global market.

Being given the option to take the reins and build your own website and/or apps greatly improves your chances of molding them exactly as you envisioned. It also streamlines the task because you don’t need to wait to be attended to or to check in with anyone. It also opens more doors for you to create solutions to make your operations faster, cheaper, and more efficient. In doing so, you’re increasing your overall productivity – and thus, your profits at a shorter span.

As mentioned, another perk of leveraging no-code tools to innovate your professional and personal life is that it saves money compared to employing full-on coders on your payroll. Being able to develop and maintain your own website and app cuts down a fortune of expenses that can be rerouted to more pressing aspects of your business.

However, if your niche doesn’t encompass technical tasks or just simply have more important things to deal with, there is an ocean of professional no-code web dev agencies, such as, that specializes in no-code platforms to get you playing the big leagues without having to pay a king’s ransom.

Thinking of getting on the bandwagon and starting your journey as a citizen developer? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • There are a plethora of no-code platforms that will vie for your attention. The swell in the need to create your own website and app has also triggered more platforms to service the demand. And while the competition for the best ones is still on the fence, shopping for the one that works for you is pretty straightforward. Go with whatever works for you!

Every platform will have its pros and cons. It’s good to check a few out and have a shortlist of the ones that work for specific purposes in your business. Ones like Bubble is a one-stop-shop where all the basics and more are easily accessible and covers all the important bases.

  • Although no-code platforms require no actual coding skills, it does have a short learning curve. Some might need a little more effort than others, which means you have to look for a tool that you can work with. Determined to expand your knowledge as a citizen dev? Use low-code or no-code platforms that may need a few weeks or a month of training so you can spearhead your own tech team. Just isn’t the “techy” guy or gal? Commission web dev teams like to build you your dream website or app to launch your brand to the digital universe.
  • Keeping it simple might sound counterintuitive since we’ve been talking about expansion and innovation. However, getting overwhelmed by all the technicality of the task can also pull you back rather than shoot you forward. Start with a creative but solid goal and work your way through each element. The less complicated every element is, the more it allows you room to focus and get it close to perfection. Simplicity also gives you space to make sure that your build is sustainable and easier to maintain over time.

What’s Next?

With the broadening horizons for every average Joe and Jane to take on web development with no-code platforms that utilize user-friendly drag-and-drop features and that require less formal education, businesses also have better solutions to dive into a more digital market.

In addition, applying these tools to refine operations and processes can improve the overall performance which can churn better results for brands.

Be the next citizen developer and take the leap to a digitally empowered society. Not sure how to get started? We’re the team to talk to!

If you have app ideas, give us a call!

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