The Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation Services

Considering how the present era has demanded utmost flexibility from businesses, it bears mentioning how exponentially beneficial staff augmentation has become to entrepreneurs.

All things examined, devising a versatile talent management strategy is equally important in how your workforce executes business operations. This employment model helps address short-term staffing concerns, and supplements a more sound framework that allows a business to thrive in the most cost-effective way possible.

Defining staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a business outsourcing method entrepreneurs optimize to support a project or to keep operations running for a given time. By temporarily hiring extra help, business leaders can maximize operational demands sans the overwhelming costs of hiring in-house employees.

With all that’s happening today, this employment strategy is warranted much more strongly since companies have had to be a lot more flexible.

If you’re unsure about whether or not this practice is right for your business, we’re rounding out the pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation extends a faster way to bridge gaps in the human resources department. Whereas unfairly distributing added workload to your existing team can mean wringing them dry, staff augmentation services allow you to make the most out of project demands while allowing your team to focus on the core of their original duties.


Staff augmentation services are a tremendous solution for when entrepreneurs need help in an area their existing workforce isn’t well-versed in. This becomes especially handy when the required skill sets aren’t a long-term need.

Quickly scale up or down

The global pandemic has made it more challenging for experts to more accurately provide economic forecasts. As such, the ability to more swiftly scale up or down when needed is a necessary solution for entrepreneurs to keep business alive. Staff augmentations help keep finances manageable as business leaders can simply extend contracts when needed and vice versa.


Unlike regular employment, staff augmentation providers can very easily replace a mismatched talent in an organization. Because these agencies have a vast pool of professionals under their care, entrepreneurs are guaranteed skillful and talented workers, able enough to competently perform where and when needed.


When you onboard in-house employees, training can be costly as it doesn’t only take up money, but time as well. Such isn’t always the case with staff augmentation services. Because the objective of this outsourcing model is to seamlessly augment a business’ many endeavors, the supplementary staff entrepreneurs get are mostly already very equipped.


From insurances to added perks, employee benefits can be a huge cost. This is arguably one of staff augmentation’s biggest benefits. Because employers don’t need to worry about keeping extra help permanently, they only have to spend for however long these extra workers are part of a project.

Testing the waters

Many times, temporary projects reveal themselves as permanent programs, integral to the growth of a brand. When entrepreneurs can confirm that certain services from staff augmentation professionals are critical skill sets that need to be kept, they can decide to hire an in-house professional in the long run.

Cons of staff augmentation

Although staff augmentation sounds like a smashing solution to millions of business leaders—because it actually is!—it’s not always rosy for everyone. From tools to institutional knowledge, things may get messy or out of hand when a thorough execution program isn’t in place.

Management oversight

When employers take in more talent for any project or business need, a demand to thoroughly oversee how each professional works is warranted. This can be a problem for any entrepreneur who isn’t inherently hands-on or keen on details.

Institutional detachment

To some extent, institutional knowledge will play a crucial role in decision-making within every company. A few undertakings may call for this information and may be impactful in how things are run and managed in projects. Because third-party staff members aren’t well-equipped with this information, more hand-holding may be required here.


While staff augmentation services are most commonly known for allowing business leaders to save on overhead costs, this can turn into a more expensive solution compared to hiring one or two in-house employees in the long run.

Is staff augmentation right for my business?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different businesses present different demands.

Nonetheless, the pros of staff augmentation outweigh its cons in a heartbeat. Thousands of business leaders turn to staff augmentation services all the time! Whether for seasonal help or aid in expertise, this talent-hiring model has proved exponentially helpful to millions of business leaders.

Not only are entrepreneurs able to more cost-effectively make use of extra talent, but they’re also afforded the brightest and the best experts in any industry.

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