The Promise and Power of No-code AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on everyone’s radar for some time now, yet a couple of things still prevent millions of enterprises from integrating the technology into their everyday systems.

For one, studies tell us that companies find AI expertise and tools to be too pricey. Thankfully, since the advent of no-code, there have been progressive solutions about how no-code technology can aid in democratizing AI.

No-code AI

As the name implies, no-code AI is one of the many subsets of AI. The only difference here is the vehicle in which AI is being deployed—no-code. In other words, no-code AI allows citizen users to immediately categorize, interpret and create programs that help make predictions.

How businesses benefit from no-code AI

According to a study, over 80% of businesses claim that AI is an utmost priority for seamless processes and transactions, but the stunning lack of data science professionals remains an obstacle. Furthermore, the demand for AI experts has increased tremendously in the last 24 months alone.

Unfortunately, the imbalance of the demand manifests in financial and tech service companies absorbing over 50% of AI talent, leaving only “citizen data scientists” to startups and smaller companies to optimize their AI efforts.

Developing AI-driven programs require a ton of resources, and no-code AI eliminates many of the layers necessary in completing these kinds of projects. For instance, instead of taking months on end, no-code realizes these undertakings to weeks, days, or even minutes!

That means not only does no-code AI allow enterprises to optimize what they can in this segment much, much earlier, but they also save a massive amount of money too.

Although Google Trends tells us that more people are starting to explore no-code AI, the number of people exploring autoML is still relatively higher.

Simply put, no-code AI programs are still incapable of substituting data scientists as this field is still in its infancy. 

As with everything in tech, increasing versatility of existing solutions will only encourage mainstream adoption.

No-code AI benefits

Because no-code requires no coding experience at all, citizen developers—the term used for non-technical app developers—are free to explore what they can with machine learning and AI initiatives. This means that these solutions are more able to help businesses of all kinds to adopt AI integrations tools much faster at more affordable arrangements.

Custom AI tools demand a whole lot of money in that writing code manually can take more than a while. Structuring and categorizing data doesn’t always come easy and debugging programs can be tedious. For those who aren’t familiar with data science at all, this can take even more time.

This is why no-code remains a top solution when it comes to AI deployment. Through visual programming platforms like Bubble, the app development process is reduced exponentially.

A win for data scientists

The objective of no-code AI isn’t to replace data scientists. Similar to how no-code is unable to replace coding as a technology, the goal of no-code AI is to allow data scientists to focus on heavier, more time-intensive assignments.

To explain more articulately, no-code AI solutions give data scientists more time to work on larger projects, allowing non-technical professionals to carry on with corporate duties and organizational demands without being sidetracked due to incoherent data.

The easier it is to gather and interpret much-needed data, the stronger business processes and brand alignments turn out for everyone.

What’s Next?

Whether or not you have AI efforts down your pipeline, the cruciality of no-code remains. From simple survey forms to responsive and dynamic apps, no-code simplifies and streamlines work practices and business visions much faster and more feasibly.

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