The Best No-Code Tools For Efficient Office Work

There are a host of lessons we can all take from 2020, but among the top takeaways we should all gravitate around is the importance of being efficient—especially when it comes to pushing an organization forward.

Office work is generally overwhelming and exhausting, but when you make the most out of technology, you’re able to focus on more creative and human-necessary assignments.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, here are no-code tools designed to make your life at work faster and more efficient!

The Best No-Code Tools For Efficient Office Work


Arguably one of the best options for collaborating with others, Airtable is a no-code management platform that makes communication and project-tracking easier. Sporting a familiar spreadsheet aesthetic, navigating this space feels quick and intuitive. What’s more, this no-code staple extends many integrations with third-party apps.

Overall, this pick is brilliant for building database-driven workflows. It helps that there isn’t a shortage of templates, too, ensuring that users can customize how they need Airtable to look and perform.

Like most no-code tools, Airtable offers a free plan with paid optional tiers, packed with handy features.


One of the best ways to keep your employees engaged is by listening to both individual and collective feedback. Determining what makes your workforce tick is crucial in sustaining a healthy work environment and company culture. This is where no-code tool Typeform comes in useful.

Featuring an easy-to-understand UI, this no-code pick is a great approach to sending out surveys and creating forms. And because it integrates with hundreds of external apps, leaders can easily whip up files that simplify data.

Furthermore, this platform is best for Human Resources initiatives too. Whether gathering data from applicants or narrowing a checklist to help clients figure out their brand voice, this tool is perfect for plenty of things in the data-sourcing department.

And like most no-code tools, Typeform also has a free plan. To unlock more of its useful features, users can subscribe to the tiers that benefit them best.


While all no-code tools are designed to make workflows efficient, nothing quite articulates this idea as perfectly as Integromat. A no-code platform that connects one app to another, this pick lets users automate processes that would otherwise take a lot of time to finish.

For instance, it can take time for a marketing officer to sift through emails and copy-paste certain words to another app to finish a report. For a lot of creatives who monitor social media engagement, it can also be laborious to have to go through a platform’s comment section to manually find out what commenters are saying.

Integromat is a great solution for both examples as it automates whatever you need to in seconds! From setting up notifications when people comment certain words to receiving alerts when particular email addresses send replies, there’s a lot you can accomplish with Integromat.

Simply put, this no-code tool helps you save time by eliminating what you would usually have to do one by one. Moving data across multiple apps can be taxing—but not with Integromat!

It helps that the app is naturally user-friendly too.

A free plan exists for most users, and those who are interested in availing the platform’s exclusive features can subscribe to a tier.


Last but not the least on this list is Bubble. Referred to as the easiest way to build an app without having to code at all, this no-code tool is great for leaders who want to customize business applications.

And the best part? Bubble allows virtually anyone to actualise whatever app and solution they can imagine. Whether customer-facing or for internal communication, this pick utilizes a drag-and-drop interface that allows citizen developers to be as dynamic, ambitious, and efficient as they want to be.

If you check them out online, you’ll also see how they have a long list of products ready for digital consumption. Designed mostly by non-technical app developers, what makes Bubble magical is its ability to create any kind of software from scratch without users having to ace a coding language at all!

Build what you want and can in no time!

What’s Next?

The no-code app is thriving for reasons that don’t need elaboration. As our approach to digitization only grows by the day, it’s no secret how the way we go about work should change, as well.

Do you have app ideas you’d like to explore? We’re the team for you! Give us a call today!

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