Tech Startups In 2021 That Beg To Be Explored

We’ve got a long way to go before things truly go back to normal, but already, we’re seeing a lot of progress. Economically, more establishments are open now too. As vaccination programs continue to take place, health protocols are no longer as strict and we’re starting to see more and more gatherings come about.

That said, entrepreneurs who are thinking of exploring new ventures should consider this a good sign. Because much of the pandemic’s lasting effects include digital empowerment to greater heights, this only means that modern societies are embracing, even more, the power of technology.

On that note, business leaders should definitely start looking into inventive solutions that ring great profit given the updated normal.

Considering today’s context, here are a few tech startup ideas you might want to try out.

Tech Startup Ideas for 2021

Web Design

Since the entire globe’s been reliant on the internet, brands and businesses are beginning to see how crucial having a digital haven for an enterprise is. That said, running a web design agency can be a profitable service-based business. Whether with a team or by your lonesome, helping leaders and business owners create a desirable online experience for their market segments can be worth a lot these days.

Furthermore, the development of creating websites isn’t only about knowing how to design stunning graphics anymore. These days, web design can cover SEO, copywriting, interface seeing, and even UX design.

If that isn’t enticing for you, you can also opt to rival website builders like Squarespace or Go Daddy and establish a market for your offering.

Food Technology

If you have a huge affinity with food, you may want to give food technology a try too. While building a restaurant with your favorite cuisine can sound like a smashing idea, the food tech business isn’t doing bad either.

In fact, it’s never been better. From the functional testing of premium cultivated meat cell lines to producing clean label products, the food sector is extensive. If this sounds too technical for you, a food delivery service or platform isn’t bad either. Whatever it is you intend to create with food at the forefront, know that you’ll always have a market.

Content Automation

With digital marketing taking center stage for obvious reasons, social media and content creation have never been busier. As such, marketers are finding themselves juggling all kinds of platforms, incorporating, as clever as they can, the kind of content suited for each medium.

Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram continue to grow today, but their algorithms are different and each provides various numbers sourced differently. Because of these, marketing leaders have to approach each platform uniquely. And while it’s doable and helped build creative careers, a hub that automatically translates data and content performance for each site would be a swell idea.

There still aren’t many of those kinds of programs today, so if you’re a sucker for marketing and tech, this one right here should be an amazing start for you.

Social media and influencer marketing

Although social media and influencer marketing are two different beasts, one can’t entirely exist without the other anymore. That said, anyone who’s pop culture-savvy and inclined to trends should have an easy time entering this segment of the marketing space.

With a hyper-focus on all things internet, anyone and anything will sign up to whatever and whoever can help market them or their services. That said, there aren’t too many platforms that allow brands to directly access and contact niche influencers. If you’re fond of storytelling through social media and cute pictures, this is definitely an idea you shouldn’t shy away from.

As a matter of fact, this idea isn’t even limited to building programs and software. If you simply want to help others build their online presence, you can simply whip up a website or a simple web app to accommodate your clients.

What’s Next?

In all of these, no-code platforms like Bubble exist to streamline systems and processes. When we talk about tech startups, we don’t immediately have to think of difficult machineries like robots and gadget-reliant products.

Service-based solutions are equally money-making ventures anyone can explore. What’s even better, no-code can help actualize all of your best ideas at a fraction of traditional app development costs.

What tech startup ideas do you want to build?

Give us a call, and let’s talk about it!

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