Successful Bubble Apps: Qoins and Comet

As the globe continues to embrace digital all the more, no-code is firmly finding its way to more mainstream conversations and practical inclusions in organizations everywhere.

From startups to government agencies, people are starting to turn to no-code platforms to help streamline how work is done and stakeholders are accommodated.

One such platform that takes center stage for a host of reasons is Bubble.

Arguably one of the most successful no-code providers there is today, Bubble is shaping up to be the staple solution for leaders and visionaries everywhere.

Here are 2 examples of Bubble’s most successful commercial applications:

Qoins (A Bubble App)

Qoins is a clever app-based financial solution that makes it easier for people to pay off their debt. For instance, some features include round-up payments and automatic payroll deductions, giving users very little time and energy to manually think about or transfer funds themselves.

For example, if you buy an item worth $2.50, the app charges you $3.00 instead and hands over the $0.50 to your creditors.

What’s more, the app also gives you access to financial coaches who can help you create a personalized guide in ironing out the way you deal with money.

That said, not only is it an app that allows you to better keep track of your debt, it also very much empowers you to monitor your own financial goals.

Building Qoins with Bubble

Because the no-code process allows entrepreneurs to test the waters without having to spend depressing amounts of money, Qoins’ founders, Nate Washington and Christian Zimmerman were able to iterate their vision much quicker and easier.

In fact, the Qoins team says that their product performs even better than they initially expected. And while portions of their offering are taken care of by custom code, the app creators still consider Bubble to be the backbone of the business.

Furthermore, as of last year, a report also tells us that Qoins has helped users pay off $12 million worth of debt!

Comet (A Bubble App)

One of the many things the present day has taught us is how valuable remote work has become and will continue to be in the coming years. Thankfully, platforms like Comet allow tech and data freelancers to help business leaders bridge gaps and create solutions.

Consequently, what sets Comet apart from contemporaries Fivver and Upwork, to name a few, is their process of selecting talent. Thanks to the platform’s rigid screening process, clients and companies who work with the app are ensured they’re getting quality professionals they can rely on.

As a result, this approach allows both parties to better trust each other and foster healthy work relationships.

Additionally, this kind of set-up gives freelancers a more nuanced sense of pride, since not every applicant makes the cut. In other words, those serious about building a robust portfolio will be able to strengthen their curriculum vitae with Comet.

If that isn’t helpful enough, the platform can also organize a team of freelance-based experts to help leaders finish projects and complete tasks thereby eliminating the grueling back and forth of manually interviewing and vetting applicants.

Building Comet with Bubble

While it isn’t quite clear what role Bubble plays in Comet’s current business equation, it’s safe to say the platform was built entirely on Bubble during its inception and launch.

In fact, another source cites that the freelance-driven application scaled to roughly $800k of average monthly revenue not too long ago, and even raised nearly $13 million in investment funding barely 3 years back!

Whatever the case is today, it’s amazing to think how far the business has come since its Bubble exploration and patronage.

It’s time to build an app

Overall, there are dozens, if not thousands, of more stories that detail how no-code solutions have capitulated visions into lucrative and sustainable businesses.

At this point, it’d be a crime for entrepreneurs to still turn a blind eye to the inspiriting powers and potential of no-code tools.

If you’re in the business of building future-proof businesses just like us, give us a call!

We can help bring your startup app to life!

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