Successful Bubble Apps: Incomee

Over the years, Bubble has proven to only become bigger. As its roster of commercially successful applications continues to grow, more entrepreneurs and leaders are pooling their resources to invest in and explore the no-code platform.

One stellar example is Incomee.

Incomee (A Bubble App)

A reliable and robust accounting application, Incomee is an invoicing platform that helps freelancers receive their payments. As the work of independent creatives and freelance professionals can get exhausting and complex in the billing department, Incomee makes it easy for self-employed talents to monitor their payments from multiple clients.

What’s more, the Bubble-driven app also gives freelancers a comprehensive view of their entire clientele, allowing them to keep track of who owes them what and for what services.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that Incomee’s invoices are pretty to look at too!

Building Incomee with Bubble

In a previously published article by Bubble, Incomee maker, and brainchild Guglielmo Pardo shares that it was realizing how challenging it was to thrive in the freelance space that made him want to create his app.

“Many people fail to launch a successful freelancer career or successful business due to poor financial planning.

“Not having clear answers to questions such as ‘How much money am I making this month?’ or ‘Will I reach my financial goal at the end of the year?’ push freelancers to make poorly informed decisions.”

The idea of Incomee, to him—and now to thousands of other freelancers—was critical in helping streamline a process and journey that would otherwise have kept so many people drained from the mental agony of having to keep track of one’s income streams.

Since the app’s inception, Guglielmo tells Bubble how they’ve carefully studied their target market and ensured they provide the most convenient possible products to extend impactful experiences to the freelance community.

“We carefully studied and designed every single feature in order to provide the best user experience in the industry.

“Creating, managing and sending visually striking invoices or proposals with Incomee is easy, and the app’s powerful and simple dashboard provides the overview that freelancers need to maintain peace of mind and plan.”

Furthermore, one of the most interesting things about Guglielmo’s story is that Incomee isn’t even his primary source of income. As a matter of fact, the app’s very own builder is a lead product designer at a tech company!

That’s right: he’s an employee! In other words, he’s a solid testament to how Bubble has empowered virtually anyone to actualize ideas.

Because exploring the no-code platform isn’t financially taxing, anyone who has a little bit of extra time on their hands can study how the medium works!

In the same article published by the no-code provider themselves, Guglielmo reveals what made him choose Bubble over the many existing no-code solutions available today too.

“I was looking for a powerful and scalable solution so that I could create and test an MVP, as well as bring my vision to life.

“I’ve tried a lot of great no-code tools in the past, but none of them allowed for full freedom over front and back-end elements. You can build almost anything with Bubble.”

And like many serious leaders, Guglielmo only plans on growing his application.

“We have big plans for Incomee. The main focus is always on getting feedback from the users and improving the app’s user experience.

“Another big project planned is releasing a mobile app version of Incomee for iOS and Android. We’re going to start focusing a bit more on marketing projects as well.”

A Win For Freelancers

Overall, there is no stopping the expansion of freelance communities. As more of the globe outsource internal work to remote talent, self-employed professionals will keep thriving—and Bubble will be at the forefront of it all.

Whatever your story and visions are, there’s sure to be an app for you.

If you have software or a program you’d like to build—about virtually anything at all—we’re the agency you want to partner with.

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