Simple App Ideas That Make Money

How much is an idea worth? It could be worth billions. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Brian Chesky, Sheryl Sandberg, or Oprah Winfrey. Success often starts with a seed, and when you nurture it, it can grow into one heck of a garden. Enough bad analogies! Let’s get to the point: what are some simple app ideas that make money?

And how can you bring these ideas to life? 

How to Generate Ideas for New Apps 

1. Think About a Problem You’re Having 

Hmmm… have a large home on the beach that you’re not using? That certainly is a problem. What if there was an easy way to let travelers and vacationers know it was available for the weekend? Boom… Airbnb. What if you don’t want the hassle of owning a ride but want to get from point A to point B without walking? What if you want to make extra money and have a good, reliable car? There you go… Uber

The best apps solve a problem. Start by thinking of challenges you face in your own life and work (and ask your friends… they may have empty beach houses where you can brainstorm more ideas). Is there an app that can help? If so, does it really target the problem and solve it? If not, where’s your opportunity? 

2. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Have you checked out the upcoming movie and TV releases? Lots and lots of reboots and remakes. Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t introduce a new and crazy idea to the world. We are saying that there are ideas out there that could use a reboot, if you will. They could use a new spin, a more comprehensive approach, a better design…. Regardless, take a look at existing apps created by various mobile and web app development companies to see how you can leverage them to generate new ideas for yourself.

3. See Where the Gaps Are

Are there industries or sectors that seem to have been left behind by technology? Any that could benefit from robust apps? Use your own experience to guide you. For example, if you just had a contractor in to install new windows, wouldn’t it be nice if you had an app that allowed you to select your products? Calculate and manage your budget? Schedule appointments? Track their progress? Why, yes. Yes, it would be nice.

4. Talk to People

What do they need? What problems or challenges are they facing? What apps do they use – and how would they improve on them? Talk to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, partners, that guy at the next desk in your coworking space. Talk to different mobile and web app development companies. Get everyone’s ideas and feedback.

5. What’s Next?

And as always, dream. Don’t limit yourself to the technology that exists now. Go big. Generate ideas, and remember, the sky’s the limit. Will you be able to actualize all of these ideas now? No. Not even close. Don’t you dare let that stop you, because you could have tomorrow’s next big app in your idea bank.

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10 Simple App Ideas That Make Money

Looking for the next big thing? It could be on this list… and the good news is that you don’t need the technical skills of app designers and developers to bring these ideas to fruition. You can take advantage of app development for non-technical founders.

1.  Bumble for Board Games

Pair people with a passion for games… or other good, clean hobbies, like trivia, knitting, painting, etc.

2. Graphic Reservations

A reservation app that lets people see the layout of a restaurant so they can select their table.

3. Community-Based Apps

Make it easy for people to exchange goods, join a local club, access events calendars, make business recommendations, and more.

4. Fitness Apps – for Pets

Pets need to get their steps in too, ya’ll. And while we’re on the subject, what about a Bumble for Man’s Best Friend? How about an app that pairs pets with pet sitters?

5. Virtual Study Groups

Finding study peeps will be easy and users will earn that A.

6. Bike Sharing

Cycle your way to success!

7. Resume Tool

Allow users to update multiple resumes from one central dashboard.

8. Clean Up

Like an Uber for house cleaning, users will be able to find, book, and pay cleaners for their homes when they are short on time.

9. Budget-Friendly

No one likes the “B” word, but an app that makes tracking spending easy and convenient sure can help.

10. Toy Exchange

Every parent ever knows the struggle: toys multiply, and they begin to take over your home. As your child outgrows toys, trade ‘em in with other folks.

These are just a few simple app ideas that make money. What are yours?

If you have a money-making idea, don’t let it go to waste! Take the next steps. Top mobile and web app development companies can help you bring them to life. is committed to using our technical expertise to help your company grow. Ask us how.

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