Only Those Who Adapt Survive: 5 Industries That Can Benefit From No Code

Perhaps the most pivotal element that determines whether an industry thrives or not is its ability to adapt to changing times. In the ever-dynamic business landscape of the 21st century, many businesses have risen to the challenge of incorporating new technology into their operations. And in the time of a global pandemic, we’re seeing that these businesses are stronger than ever. One crucial adaptation these businesses have made is choosing no code.

No code has been around for a few years now, and it just keeps proving its value. There’s no denying that the era of no code is upon us, and only those who adapt survive.

In this article we’ll take a look at 5 industries that can immensely benefit from no code.


A handful of people have always favored online shopping to traditional store hopping. However, in 2020, people were left with no choice but to turn to the internet for practically every purchase they needed to make.

Looking back on the last year, the economy saw the fall of many retailers, and, on the flip side, the rise of thousands of online shops.

Of course a multitude of factors come into play when businesses close down, but one of the biggest that led to the downfall of some established retailers is their over-reliance on physical stores. While it’s true that no one expected lockdowns to last as long as they did, the businesses who had already broken away from traditional physical stores managed to survive.

No code also allows retailers to create more personalized experiences for customers. Features like chatbots can help drive sales and build customer loyalty.

With no code, online retailers are flourishing, and it’s time more traditional stores caught up.


The outbreak of COVID-19 demanded that all industries innovate at rapid speed to address the changing needs of the world. The healthcare industry in particular saw itself turning to new technologies and telemedicine to serve the public.

With the surge of patients needing medical care, no code can be instrumental in keeping the healthcare sector afloat and keeping healthcare staff from drowning in administrative tasks, and can help provide more efficient care to those in need.

So really, it goes both ways. Healthcare teams can create web apps that can ease the stress of manual scheduling appointments and leafing through hundreds of patient files. These apps can also provide at-home remedies and recommendations for patients with less severe issues all through a pre-programed algorithm. Administrative duties like billing can also be taken care of. And perhaps most important of all, patients get to speak to doctors and other healthcare staff in a safe, crowd-free environment. Everybody wins.

Banking And Finance

Mobile banking is as essential as ever. And while some may still be on the fence about handling their money online, many banks have recognized the benefits of incorporating no code AI into their workflows.

No code is the best way to build, maintain, and update customer-facing platforms that ensure data security and enhance customer experience.

Customers whose providers have adapted to the no code era can skip the hassle of long lines, can transact, and can even consult with an advisor all from the comfort of their own home.


Running a manufacturing business is no easy feat. With all the tracking, coordinating, and documenting that goes into daily operations, floor personnel often find themselves neck-deep in work. But with no code, things can be much simpler.

No code systems are easier to update and customize than the standard manufacturing execution system (MES). This makes catching up with changing operational needs much more efficient.

By using no code systems, manufacturers can cut down on the daily tasks of workers, create an online repository of their best workers’ knowledge to help out newbies in the industry, and eliminate mistakes that often come with manual data entry. Not only that, inventory control, delivery tracking, and workforce management can be made so much easier.

The Bottom Line

It’s clear that no code provides limitless opportunities to industries and enterprises willing to take them. Administrative tasks are made more efficient, operations are made more streamlined, workload is lessened, productivity increased, and customer experience is improved. If that isn’t a winning combo, we don’t know what is.

Whether you’re in retail, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or something else, one thing is clear: you benefit from no code. These industries are just the beginning.

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