No-Code Tools For Students and Teachers

Education looks different today.

As the virus outbreak continues to shape how we proceed with daily routines and processes, schools everywhere are extending their courses offerings and programs, ensuring that as many students and learners as possible are accounted for.

As such, the role technology plays has never been more vital in bridging gaps—especially in the educational sector.

Whether you’re taking your master’s degree, finishing college overseas, leading a class, or simply a learner exploring new mediums and disciplines through the internet, know that there are numerous no-code tools you can maximize to be more productive and efficient.

No-code tools for students and teachers

For students and offices — Slack and Trello

Slack and Trello are superb no-code tools that allow students and team members to keep track of duties and assignments.

While both platforms look and feel different from each other, both picks are cloud-based solutions that are easy to learn. Through both mediums, users can monitor who’s doing what and how far projects and tasks are from completion.

Users can also sync their e-mails and customize several sections to better suit their liking or meet certain needs.

Overall, both no-code platforms are amazing at helping teams work together more effectively.

For subject leaders and institutions — VoiceThread

If you run an organization and are thinking of exploring the e-learning space, VoiceThread is a brilliant solution that makes it easier for lecturers to release e-learning materials.

And because it’s a cloud application, users won’t have to install anything into their devices. Should learners have questions or insights about given subjects, they can record their thoughts directly into the lectures. Consequently, their colleagues can respond to these recordings, as well.

What’s more, users are also free to annotate and doodle on shared files to better explain concepts and ideas.

Furthermore, classes are also archived so those who need to keep up to date with lessons can simply skim or fast track lessons and sections they’re looking for.

Overall, VoiceThread is a collaborative platform that lets students and lecturers better learn from and work with each other.

For anyone with creative portfolios — Squarespace and Carrd

Some of your best work can come from your school assignments and projects, so if you’re someone who needs to display a visual body of work, Squarespace and Carrd come in handy.

Both great tools for anyone at all, these platforms allow students and professors to create polished websites in minutes! Whether you’re a writer wanting to show off your best pieces or an illustrator determined to share your creations with the world, both Squarespace and Carrd can help you with that.

Whereas Squarespace is a lot more flexible with award-winning templates, Carrd allows its users to create stunning one-page websites only.

Overall, these picks are fantastic no-code tools that empower anyone to build any site completely on the fly! It doesn’t matter what your website is about—both tools deliver competently.

For students and professors — Poll Everywhere

Now that many of us run presentations and classes in the comfort of our own homes, it can be challenging to ensure that your listeners are truly engaged as you continue whatever it is you’re talking about.

Thankfully, Poll Everywhere is a no-code tool any student or teacher can incorporate in their existing slides. Compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint, Poll Everywhere is a cloud-based service that allows users to introduce surveys, activities, and polls conveniently in the middle of their discussions.

For instance, should you want to ask your audience whether or not they’re familiar with a concept, you can simply ask them to click a button or key in their thoughts at the given box or answer form on your presentation slides but from their end, using their device.

Their answers are received in real-time, too, so you’re given immediate insight as to what your listeners think about a certain topic. 

Overall, this platform is a wonderful no-code solution that’s designed to keep your audience glued to your discussions.

For anyone and everyone in school or at work — Bubble

Bubble is arguably the best no-code platform that lets citizen developers create web apps.

Whereas each no-code platform on this list is designed to bridge certain gaps and needs, Bubble is designed to create them all!

From e-learning mediums and creative websites to collaborative services and assignment-tracking apps, this platform allows anyone and everyone to actualize their ideas in the digital space, making this pick the most competent no-code tool on the list.

It’s easy to use too! Optimizing a drag-and-drop interface, users will have no time establishing the logic they want their program to pattern after.

Overall, Bubble has been referred to as a groundbreaking solution that empowers users to build responsive applications without having to code; something that proves to be exponentially beneficial for anyone and everyone in the academe today.

What’s Next?

Online learning is here to stay, and even when the globe has successfully marched past the coronavirus pandemic, you can bet that digital learning solutions will only continue to abound in the coming months and years.

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