MVP vs. MMP vs. MMF: What’s the Difference?

The number of acronyms you know is directly proportional to your success as an entrepreneur or business owner. Ok, that’s not true at all. But it is accurate to say that the tech and app world is full of these combos. So we’re here to clear up the difference between MVP and MMP and MMF… because what’s life without some insider jargon?

What Is an MVP Application? How About MMP and MMF?

Another reason to know these acronyms – besides sounding uber cool at cocktail parties – is that they can help your business proceed to the next level. Without further ado:

Now, what the heck does all of this mean?

What Is an MVP Application? 

MVP is lean and mean. When you have an app idea, you have a solution for a consumer problem. The app is developed with this core functionality in mind. Everything else is stripped away. This minimalistic approach serves a number of purposes:

  • You can go to market much faster – and for much less in terms of expenditures and risk
  • You meet customer expectations by solving their problem with your core functionality, creating brand awareness and affinity 
  • You have the opportunity to learn from your consumers and get the inside insight on what they need and want next
  • Learning from customer feedback, you can implement upgrades with greater speed and agility 
  • By focusing on the core functionality, you avoid wasting time and resources on features that may be obsolete or outdated by the time you launch
  • You can use the MVP app as a show-and-tell to raise funds for further development

Minimal viable product sounds stripped-down. And that’s just what it designed to be: this method gives you a fast track to the market – and to the next steps of your app’s life and your business’s growth.

What Is an MMP Application?

An MMP app  is similar to an MVP app in that it embraces the “less is more” approach. Here, the app is developed with the minimal amount of features possible to address consumer needs and deliver the expected user experience. You can market and sell it successfully. A famous example: the original iPhone. It was designed for early adopters and beta users, so it didn’t get weighed down with features like copy and paste or voice recognition. What it did do, however, was solve consumers’ problems and allow for invaluable feedback.

So what’s the difference between MVP and MMP? Think of MVP as the first step; it validates that your idea is a great one and positions you for your next steps. An MMP may be that next step.

What Is an MMF Application? 

Often, MMP and MMF are terms that are used interchangeably. And for good reason. Minimal Marketable Feature refers to the smallest amount of functionality necessary in order to deliver value to consumers and to your business. The app contains a feature that is developed quickly and can be updated equally efficiently, allowing users to do something that they couldn’t before. 

MVP, MMP, and MMF applications are interrelated in many ways, and in their definitions, you may see some distinctions without a difference. The key is finding that route to mobile app development that works for you. To launch an idea into the realm of reality, it is advisable to start with MVP development and take the next steps from the most secure position possible. 

To learn more, contact MVP. dev. Let’s get to work.

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