reads: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As the book title implies, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich tackles what kind of mindset one needs to carry to become financially independent. The book is packed with several tips and ideologies that detail why we could be stagnant, and what courses of action are necessary to take to break free from being stuck in an economic rut.

At its core, what Hill lobbies can be summarised into two main principles—auto-suggestion and the need to keep upgrading yourself.

Arguably his most crucial point, auto-suggestion is the dialogue between your conscious and subconscious. What makes us the leaders of the food chain is that, contrary to animals, we have complete control over the thoughts we accommodate in our heads. Hill says that, similar to gardens with untrimmed plants and nasty insects, our thoughts will dwell on negative emotions when left unguarded.

This is why it’s important to intentionally visualise your goals and desires. Albeit not a spiritual book in itself, Hill does a tremendous job talking about the importance of feeding your mind and spirit with positivity.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from Think and Grow Rich

  • It is crucial to know what your life purpose is. It may take a while to figure it out, and even when you do find out what it is, you shouldn’t be opposed to a change of vision. Still, it is vital that your heart is full of desire. The more you have dreams for yourself, the easier it will be for you to keep moving forward.
  • The importance of mentorship can never be undermined. Before giving up a goal, resigning from a job, or abandoning an idea you once invested in, take it up with a mentor. Seek valuable advice from those you trust and understand you. Determine if you’re only burnt out or if the path you’re in isn’t what’s right for you at the moment.
  • Take the time to approach your losses as stepping stones. You will lose in one way or another, and that’s okay. Learn to take your failures with stride, and understand that one can never truly appreciate the severity of success without experiencing the pains of defeat.
  • Your dreams don’t actualise by themselves. Aside from constantly working toward your goal, you have to learn how to organise your thoughts. The clearer your vision is, the easier it will be for you to know what next steps to take.
  • A burning desire to realize a vision isn’t enough to see you through. You have to know and believe that you are destined to achieve whatever it is your heart dreams of. Otherwise, the dreams you dream of living remain only to be wishes. A belief in yourself partnered with a burning desire makes a goal much more feasible.
  • The seedling of fear stems from not being sure about many things. And although it’s healthy to question whether or not something is worth it, to dwell on your doubts provides you no good. There is a fine line between self-assessment and the fear of failing.
  • There are six basic fears: being unhealthy, losing a loved one, staying poor, aging ungracefully, being criticised, and dying. While these are all valid fears, being fully acquainted with who you are and understanding where you stand in your timeline helps eliminate constant worrying.
  • It is possible to look up to someone and fully acknowledge that they are not perfect individuals. Ask yourself if there’s anyone you want to emulate and figure out what qualities and traits of the person you’re most drawn to. This not only adds to your blue print, it also makes you better understand why you want to become who you want to become.
  • Carry a mental cabinet of people you admire and question how they would respond to moments you encounter in your daily life. For instance, what would Ash Maruya do in a situation like this? How would Gary Vaynerchuck break certain news to someone? Which business decision is Donald Miller most likely to take? You’ll find that the answers you need will come quickly when you understand how the people you look up to think.


Hill’s book is a useful read to anyone looking for a breather from heavy business books. Although it manages to maintain discussions designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Think and Grow Rich is perfect for anyone wanting to upgrade their way of thinking.

Pick this book up if you’re in the headspace of acquiring a new perspective in life and business in general.

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