Let No-Code Improve The Way You Work

Brain fog isn’t new to anyone. Numerous studies have shown that the pandemic hasn’t only changed the way we see work, but the way we approach work, as well. If you’re a modern professional like millions of us, it’s highly likely that, at some point, you’ve had problems getting work done too.

Whether it’s as simple as finishing an email draft or getting the average of gathered data, some processes easily feel overwhelming, regardless of how light and doable they may be.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. While innate determination and a shift of mindset go a long way, it helps that technology empowers us to quickly finish tasks now too.

Thanks to no-code tools like Bubble and Integromat, we can streamline what we need to do in seconds! What used to take hours to finish can now be done in a quarter of the time.

Top 3 ways the no-code revolution lets you improve the way you work

No-code lets you get rid of tedious tasks

Every workflow has a step that can be eliminated when digitized, and that’s exactly what no-code tools exist for. From manually posting on different social media websites to computing inventory and establishing specific notifications for various actions, the list is endless with no-code.

What’s more, no-code products and apps are easy to adjust too. For instance, when you create a Jotform survey, you can easily update questions in a heartbeat without having to disrupt the entire thing.

Not only are you able to save time, but you’re also able to focus on more complex business problems.

No-code lets you consolidate what you need to on one platform

No-code apps built on Bubble, for example, are stellar solutions when you want to replace expensive third-party software that runs a variety of intranet services for your organization. Through Bubble’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, citizen developers are free to put everything in one place.

From emails to CRMs and HR features to product quality monitoring, no-code solutions are very much capable of substituting pricey enterprise-grade applications. Not only does this simplify workflows, this also makes it easy for new members joining the team to keep track of what’s new.

Furthermore, having everything in one place also makes it easy to evaluate progress, schedule meetings, and leave notes and updates for colleagues.

No-code gives you more time to explore other ideas

Whether family time or other business-related duties, no-code allows you to maximise your time. When everything is in one place or tedious tasks are finished much earlier, you free your schedule, giving you more time to pursue other passions and things.

To business leaders, this also means that exploring other ideas and building even more minimum viable products (MVP) becomes more feasible. As no-code products essentially take only a fraction of the cost of conventionally coded software, more entrepreneurs are able to afford business ventures without having to risk crazy amounts of money.

In other words, no-code isn’t only time-efficient, but it’s cost-efficient too!

What’s Next?

The future is here, and they come in the form of the no-code revolution. Every day, more people rely on no-code products to get things done and the surge of citizen developers is apparent.

Freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, agency owners, and marketing leads are all perfect examples of how non-technical developers look in this day and age. And because no-code requires no coding knowledge at all, virtually anyone is free to build apps they envision!

Why it still pays to work with no-code experts

Still, nothing beats working with no-code app development agencies you can trust and turn to for help. While no-code is generally easy to learn, entrusting all of your business-app and technology needs to experts who’ve done it all merits your favor.

Even then, there are now existing no-code support agencies that help citizen developers bring their app ideas to life! Whatever your case is, we’re here to help!

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