Kill Your Competition With No-Code

It’s crazy how today is both the best and worst time to start a business. Granted that the pandemic isn’t over yet, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs to sprucely maneuver their ventures in the right direction.

But as with many things in life, the show must go on. When you run a business, it’s integral for you to maintain your standing in the market to constantly ensure your spot. And considering how technology has blessed many of us with innovations generations ago can only imagine, it’s even more crucial that we use this to our advantage.

The truth is, the demand for software continues to increase every day. With companies and organizations moving to the cloud and digitizing processes and systems, the modern business landscape is called to step up, if not lead the way. 

To continuously meet business demands, founders and leaders are looking for ways to establish premium mobile apps that can be launched in weeks or days, if not less. Lucky for us, Rapid Application Development (RAD) is thriving. No-Code app development remains to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent software history.

That factored in, it would be a terrible mistake for you to turn a blind eye to this stellar innovation. If you’re a tech-savvy business person bent on beating your competition—pandemic or not—here are the top reasons to explore no-code app development.

Maximize human resources on a budget

One of the leading reasons startup owners and seasoned entrepreneurs choose no-code platforms like is to cancel out the need to execute app-building with extensive IT backgrounds. Coding is a complex subject to learn, and it can take months, if not years, for people to get right, let alone understand.

What’s more, most small businesses also don’t have the luxury to employ in-house IT experts to help them create mobile applications from the ground up. Tech brands like Bubble and allow business leaders to spearhead tech projects themselves, allowing organizations to save a substantial amount of funds.

In that respect, it also broadens one’s skillset. no-code programming is a perfect avenue to build apps and realize visions yourself. That mentioned, having an app specifically for your business puts you multiple steps ahead of your competition.

While smartphone apps clearly aren’t new, how many small businesses can say their brands have their own apps?

Your business only wins if it’s relevant

Running a business will always be a dynamic process, and that reality should reflect whatever mobile or web application your company is working on. Given that business demands and trends can change at any moment, the capacity to add and edit certain app features in a snap is an automatic win in itself. Entrepreneurs aren’t presented with this option with traditional coding, as changing code in the middle of development can take time.

That being said, no-code platforms save businesses a lot of stress from app backlogs. This code-less technology also hastens the time-to-market ratio by contemporizing the development process. The more flexible and quick to adapt your business is, the easier it will be for you to dominate your slice of the market. Any startup, small business or otherwise, that has a strong presence in the digital world is bound to thrive much faster than their contemporaries that don’t.

People are glued to their phones a lot more now. Use this to your brand’s advantage. Whether it’s automating the way you do business or solving a problem your prospects go through, the sky’s the limit when you can create an app on your own.

The faster, the better

Every business owner knows the cruciality of time. Another massive advantage of creating an app through a no-code platform is its ability to create a finished, functional, and profitable app in as quickly as hours. This drastically reduces the app development process in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible barely a decade ago. Whereas traditional application development can take months to years, technology-inclined entrepreneurs—who carry no IT degree, at that—now have the opportunity to build an app within a day.

Through, for instance, you’re afforded the tools necessary to come up with a competent, problem-solving phone and web app. The faster you’re able to produce a product and launch it to your market, the faster you’re able to generate revenue.

That alone already puts your business ahead.

More time for research and business development

“I know enough about my target market, and the time has come for me to stop studying their consumer behavior,” said no entrepreneur ever.

Because no-code programming empowers citizen developers to come up with applications at speedier paces, business leaders and founders have more time on their hands to study their market. Business development and problem identification are two strong components that help keep a brand alive.

The more one is able to focus on the quality and accuracy of their app functionality and purpose, the better it is for business leaders. Moreover, no-code platforms also pose very little to no threat when it comes to failure and digital mishaps. For example, apps built on are easily customizable should the need for adjustments arise. And because Bubble already takes care of your app’s deployment and hosting, all that’s left for you is to keep building customer loyalty with a branded app.

The more time you dedicate to researching the sector and industry you service, the easier it will be for you to get the bigger slice of the pie.

Give us a call, and we’ll make sure your business is always three steps ahead.

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