Is Your Business A Part of Disrupting Industries?

Similar to personal fortitude, every industry comes with familiar pain points. 

In acknowledging these gaps, we find room to improve certain aspects of our business that need attention. If anything, this pandemic has taught us that flexibility and the ability to learn new tricks in the trade are the way to go. Learning and re-learning, then, has become an indispensable skill to help us evolve our businesses to keep abreast with the times.

Entrepreneurs and creatives alike have been revamping and re-evaluating how their services fare today. The health scare has pushed to keep finding new ways to buff out the chinks in our armors.

All these mentioned, let’s walk through some of the things we can incorporate in our industries so we can future-proof our enterprises.

Bank on technology

It’s a necessity for the modern citizen to be well-immersed in technology; this means businesses, all the more and as units, should be even more inventive.

It’s critical that we put a premium on technology that cultivates automation. Innovation through artificial intelligence that predicts outcomes, for instance, has become a key tool for most businesses. Jumping on the tech wagon has more perks than risks at this point, and those who insist on sticking to old-school methods are bound to be left in the dust.

Wasting your time with manual tasks is a surefire way to exhaust your efforts, and you’ll only be doing your business dirty if you don’t make the most of what’s offered today.

Pick up learning points from the old form

Despite all the progress we’ve made in tech, it’s worth mentioning that not everything should be chucked out the window just yet. There’s a lot to learn from traditional methods and strategies that you can pick up and revise to accommodate modern consumers. Classics are classics for a reason, and some of them actually work. The trick is to know how to balance which ones are worth salvaging and which ones are better left in the past.

For example, while there are outdated business programs that should no longer be used today, we’ve learned that business programs are even more critical today. Instead of ditching the idea altogether, consider partnering with tech agencies that can help you improve your digital enterprise strategies. 

Network to other industries

Getting in with other industries has proven fruitful for some businesses. Companies partnering up to create a better streamline of service or product can be a turnaround point for your business.

Furthermore, looking into similar or adjacent businesses can turn into a profitable endeavor as demonstrated by partnerships like Google and Android, which produced a more seamless user experience and resulted in an increase in both sales and brand value. Likewise, networking with other businesses widens your target market and revenue that was previously limited by your scope.

Keep up with the times

Social media is the tidal wave of this century. It has turned out to become a powerful tool that needs only to be fueled by your wit and your vision. Dare we even say that it is the new water hole for the entire humanity at maximum range.

Many startups during this pandemic have turned to social media to promote and plug into their markets with the least amount of effort and cost. Through apps like Facebook and Instagram, many small businesses have made their impact and turned them into revenue. Big names also took to social media to keep their names relevant as fewer people are bound to be out and about and are instead stuck in their homes with their phones and an internet connection.

Managing your social media wisely is a definite necessity to show your impact on the world.

Positive reinforcement

Psychology has taught us that operant conditioning through positive reinforcement is a powerful stimulus that encourages people to repeat a behavior. Translated to how it can be useful to you, it simply means rewarding your clients to motivate them right back on your doorstep. There are a few ways this can be done:

Tangible reinforcements such as a clear-sighted rewards matrix can easily work as positive reinforcement and improve customer retention. These can come as a free soda for every x amount purchased or a free monthly subscription if they invite more subscribers to your paid service.

Token reinforcements like points or tokens that are gained every purchase can also bring in repeat customers who are trying to reach milestones on your promo system.

Lastly, social reinforcements by building a strong community around your brand can be rewarding to your customers or leads. Wielding a positive social media presence and customer service relations allows them to connect with you to communicate feedback and suggestions which ultimately gives you an expressway to your target market’s minds. With a better understanding of the demands, you can approach the market pool with a more focused and informed strategy.

What’s next?

There’s a torrent of options to make sure that your business emerges victorious in 2021. Taking advantage of available tech, learning from old methods, looking up compatible partnerships, making noise on social media, and rewarding your audience are but a few.

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