Inexpensively Build Any Business App with No Code

You don’t need to learn coding to build a successful application for your business. With apps create on the Bubble platform, you can now build more product solutions faster and with greater agility. No coding required. Think of it like virtual Lego blocks that users can just move and arrange in order to build something incredible and useful.

No-code app development fuels faster product velocity and traction. It helps you quickly adapt and respond to the ever changing needs of building software or product solutions to support your business, and more importantly, provide a better experience for your diversified customer base.

Benefits of no-code app development

Here are a few benefits of using a no-code app development for your business.

Significantly reduced cost

With the ability to build and develop more apps in less time, costs decrease. Not only that, but you also save so much from using no-code apps instead of hiring a team of developers or experts. This has been the biggest barrier of entry for most businesses looking to build software for internal use or as a product.

The average cost for a traditional development project ranges from $50,000 to $250,000 and more. However, many factors influence the total costs such as the scope of the project, the complexity of the features, and many other details.

With no-code apps, you can ensure that your project is delivered quickly and under budget. It has a robust, scalable infrastructure so you can expand with ease, and upgrade for more capacity and better performance as your user base grows.

Reducing costs also means that you can invest more into building features for your app for improved customer experience or increase marketing. With no-code platforms, you can vastly reduce the time and effort you spend getting a production quality application.

Better agility and Speed

Building apps has become much faster now than ever before with no-code platforms. It offers greater speed and agility in developing solutions, allowing you to incorporate user feedback quickly or pivot in another direction to take advantages of opportunities.

For example, we recently built a medical goods marketplace for a client to help facilitate hospitals with the ordering of items during the COVID epidemic. We went from idea to working product in 3 weeks, even while incorporating user feedback throughout the process.

More efficiency reduces the complexities of front-end and back-end development. Because you are building apps on a platform, you don’t have to worry about managing or maintaining servers and databases. You can keep your collaborators and users secure and safe.

With no-code development, you can better equip more of your workforce with the tool that they need to jump right into collaborative, agile development strategies, resulting in more productivity.

Easily customizable

If you’re thinking about changing a specific feature or certain functionality, you can do so at the drop of a hat. No-code development facilitates immediate changes and makes it easier to implement them whenever it is necessary. There’s no need to be technical, get into complex coding, or learn the language that is completely foreign to you. Once you have your idea, you can start building your app quickly. It’s easy to build, launch, and customize apps.

One challenge that can be overcome through no-code app development is finding the right people with the right skills to develop a customized product for your business. Sometimes, finding an experienced or expert app developer to do the job to the quality that you expect can take time, but is crucial in getting the results that lead to a best in class application.

With these no-code development benefits, organizations are better equipped to respond fast to any business challenges and conditions that require them to be adaptable and innovative, in lesser time.

Why you should go no code, too

Many businesses are investing in no-code approaches. They’re looking for any way to get an advantage over their competition. We’ve seen a demand for no code solutions increase over 300% in 2020 alone, and still feel that the entire no code paradigm is just starting to gain traction.

Most business owners think that the first stage to get started is to hire or outsource a team of app developers and cloud experts. While it’s also crucial to find the right people to do the job, the most important part of starting a business is really the approach and methods that you’re going to use. Using the best technology and understanding your business key goals and challenges are important.

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No code platforms present a simple technical solution that organizations can easily adapt. Building apps is not just for software developers any longer, but also business developers and professionals alike. It allows non-technical users to build amazing software in a limited time. Think about the infinite integration capabilities and operational challenges, and how you can scale your business, and simplify processes.

WordPress, one of the oldest coding-optional content management platforms, is extremely popular among many users, powering over 25% of the world’s websites today. Add in Shopify, Microsoft Flow, Zapier, Salesforce Customer 360, Airtable, Wix, Squarespace to the list and you’ll see how no code is making a huge impact. And now is making software development available to anyone.

With its growing user base, global IT and business decision-makers are optimistic that no-code development will continue to become a tech trend in business software for the foreseeable future.

Bubble makes designing and developing apps easy

Building an app or product without having to code has never been easier. is a simple app development platform that enables users to build the best product. You can easily build a site like Airbnb, Facebook, or Netflix in weeks.

It provides the tools you need for every stage of web and mobile app development, from designing to launching the final product and beyond. From prototypes to fully functional web apps and real tech products, you can build your first web apps in hours, get real customers, and continue to move quickly as your business expands.

Connect and join with other passionate app builders. Start building a no-code software or app to help bring some innovation and growth into your business. If you are thinking about building an app, or to see if a no-code app solution is right for you, contact our team to learn more and help you get started.

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