How To Use Stripe on Bubble

We’ve entered the era where app development has been democratized by no-code platforms like Bubble.

As such, more leaders have been empowered to take on tech projects themselves. If you’re about to monetize your Bubble app, there’s a huge chance you’ll have to develop a payment method to successfully charge your customers, as well.

While online business models can differ—marketplaces, retailers, and subscriptions—the payment methods are generally the same. A “checkout” or “pay now” button is used to receive a payment.

Apart from PayPal, Stripe is one of the better-known online payment processing services available today. That said, Stripe offers a vast set of online transaction features that support whatever your business model is.

Downloading the Stripe.js Plugin

Stripe is easy to connect to the Bubble app you’re building, so this should be a piece of cake!

You can turn to Stripe’s powerful API set, but reducing your web app’s time to value is the better way to go. As such, the Stripe.js plugin is the solution you’re looking for.

Bubble has a wide selection of plugins. Check out the plugins tab as seen on the screenshot below:

Look for stripe.js.

The plugin is completely free and should enable you to sell products as an online retailer or a services subscription provider. The same plugin should also allow you to develop a two-sided marketplace app with Stripe Connect, ensuring you a cut from whatever your customers and users sell through your platform.

Bubble and Stripe: Payment Intent and Payment Method

Stripe’s capacity to augment these features is because of two things—Payment Intent and Payment Method. As the name implies, the latter deals with how a customer pays for a purchase—debit card, credit card, digital wallet, bank transfer, or what have you.

Payment Intent, on the other hand, is a little more elaborate. In Stripe’s own words, “The PaymentIntent encapsulates details about the transaction, such as the supported payment methods, the amount to collect, and the desired currency.

That mentioned, Payment Intent and Payment Method go hand in hand. For example, when a customer visits your web app and looks around, there’s a high chance they intend to make a purchase. Soon enough, they add an item to their cart by typing in their card or bank details, then hit a confirmatory button, finalizing the purchase.

Once that process is completed, money is transferred to your Stripe account.

All in all, Stripe handles the complete purchase journey for you. Through Payment Intent and Payment Method, you can easily set up recurring subscription deductions, one-off payment transactions, and a percentage cut from your platform’s sellers.

Indeed, Bubble is a straightforward no-code provider that enables businesses, solopreneurs, and creatives to quickly develop apps they wish to build without having to code!

Why it’s time to build a two-sided marketplace

Since the advent of global lockdowns, the numbers have been consistent. People from all around the world have resorted to online shopping more, making today the most opportune time to venture into e-commerce or produce courses through a web app.

Amazon’s digits have gone up, too, with a $48 billion increase up their sleeve throughout the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, marketing experts are also saying now is the best time to sell online courses, as people are hungry to learn digital skills and pick up new hobbies to help them remain relevant in the digital economy. 

What’s Next?

Overall, entrepreneurs and business leaders must consider building applications for their organizations and their audience. Given how everything is going today, users are a lot more likely to support startups and establishments that help simplify the shopping process for them, and web apps definitely get that job done.

What’s more, web apps are perfect tools to help fortify organizational communication as these apps don’t have to be downloaded or are restricted to certain devices.

Whether a marketplace or a services business, Bubble is here to deliver and Stripe is only bound to make things easier for you.

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