How To Properly Jumpstart Your Side Hustle in 2021

2021 is here and now is the best time to consider actualizing the side hustle you never got to work on. From photography gigs to two-sided marketplace development projects, there are a ton of things we conveniently push to the side simply because they don’t fit our schedule.

However you want to move forward with the creative pursuits you have in mind, consider the following things to avoid pursuing half-baked ventures:

Assess present work engagements

Whether you’re a full-time employee or a founder yourself, examine your job’s present workload. How much free time will you have left for yourself, and how much energy will your present duties require of you? Determining the answers to these questions is critical to ensure you’re not selling yourself short.

Additionally, study your company’s employment contract terms. For instance, if you work for a design firm, accepting personal projects of the same kind may not be allowed unless otherwise stated. Forging partnerships that rival any party of the enterprise you’re a part of may be frowned upon, too.

Write down your goals and establish a routine

This tip may sound cliché and overused, but there’s a reason people keep repeating this piece of advice. Having a routine helps you stay on track, and reminds you of the tasks you set out for yourself. For example, if you start working on your side hustle every afternoon, it’ll be easier to ease into that kind of head space moving forward. If you rely only on moments your schedule isn’t as packed, you will lose sight of getting things done, and the projects you sign up for will lose momentum.

Of course, listing down the specifics of your side hustle helps you picture out the extent of what you need to get done. Furthermore, being able to see the step by step process of your project allows you to better compartmentalise your day.

As with many things in life, the more we’re used to a schedule, the easier our minds and bodies cooperate with the energy we try to put out.

Create boundaries

Working on a side hustle doesn’t mean working every single time you’re free. If you don’t properly establish a set of boundaries, falling into that trap won’t be too far behind. It’s crucial that you know when and where to work on these things to not take time from your other priorities. It may seem like just another to-do list to you, but our obligations as friends, parents, children, and professionals are roles we can’t let go astray.

Time blocking helps. Decide which parts of your routine belongs to family and friends, and determine which hours are exclusive for work. When time is up, proceed to your next set of duties. The better you respect each time block, the more efficient you become in the process.

Focus apps help, too. As the name of app type implies, these digital products help you block distractions. Simply put, if you turn them on, these apps help keep regular notifications from popping up in your screens to allow you to focus on whatever you’re doing. The key to successful side hustles, whether out of passion or as a means to transition from employment, is by religiously following a schedule that works for you.

Turn to no-code

One of the many things the virus outbreak has taught us is that there is enough technology (arguably even more) to sustain industries and generate remote employment. In other words, at a time where innovation surfaces left and right, deem it criminal to not optimise technological resources.

For instance, no-code platforms like and Zapier are excellent visual programming brands that enable users to develop software without needing to code. Manually performing tasks can be a daunting experience; not only is it time-consuming, but not replying on automation can make work prone to human error, as well.

Whatever creative venture your side hustle may be, you’re sure to find solstice with no-code tools as they’re bound to make things easier for you. What’s more, because side hustles are a lot like service-based businesses, developing a web app that allows you to aptly display what your side hustle is makes for great marketing exposure.

Whether building software to coordinate with a team or developing a web app for advertising purposes, no-code platforms are built to deliver.

Work with a team you trust

If you’re finally contemplating going for your side hustle full-time, consider it a necessity to realize your dream with a software development team that understands your goals. No-code professionals are the best experts to partner with when it comes to fulfilling your dreams, as the technology they use isn’t only quick and efficient, what you can build with them is virtually endless, too.

We know what it means to build a startup first-hand. If you have a side hustle you’re thinking of pursuing, give us a ring, and we’ll help you out!

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