How To Make An App Without Coding

When you think about how an app is made, you probably picture a sleep-deprived IT guy in a dark room slaving away at his laptop trying to code. While this may have been the norm some years ago, these days, there are faster, easier solutions to approach app building.

As market demands shift rapidly, so too do the innovations in technology. In this article we’ll explore how you can make an app without coding.

How To Make An App Without Coding: The Age of No Code

In an era where technology is so fundamentally intertwined with everyday life, creating an app for your business is almost essential to better customer experience. However, there are oftentimes not enough programmers to make up for the demand. This is where no code comes in.

A no code development platform is an easy-to-use alternative to building apps, ideal for businesses that don’t have the resources to hire or outsource a full-time programmer, or entrepreneurs who aren’t exactly tech-savvy

Traditional app building requires a programmer to code, whereas no code apps can be made by anyone even with little to no knowledge of any programming language.

How Does It Work?

At this point you may be wondering how it’s possible to make an app without coding. Well, here’s the thing: a common misconception about no code apps is that there is absolutely no coding involved. This isn’t the case per se. You’re actually still using code, but you’re not doing the coding yourself. In other words, no code development platforms just make the app building part much less technical for the everyday business venturer.

No code platforms let you choose which features you want on your app from a list of preset basic functions, and typically use a drag-and-drop interface for easier navigation.

There are loads of no code platforms available to users today, and while they will all look a little different, they all help you make an app “without” coding.


Here we’ll detail some of the benefits of using a no code app builder.

It’s Easier

Given what you’ve read about it so far, it should come as no surprise that many startups choose this app building option because it makes things so much simpler. From their straightforward drag-and-drop interface to having pre-made functionalities, all you need to do is pick and choose what you want for your app.

It Can Be Cheaper

Obviously with no code app builders you’ll eliminate the need to hire a human programmer, so that’s one item off the budget. There are already hundreds of no code platforms on the market today, and the best part is that some of these programs are 100% free.

You Have More Control

Because you won’t need to rely on a programmer to build your app, you get to decide exactly what you want and see it into fruition fast; no more months of waiting.

On that note, because you’d be in charge, it’s also so much easier to make changes to your app. If you spot a functionality that isn’t exactly working for you, you can simply choose alternatives built-in to the program.


All things considered, no code is an appealing alternative to hiring a developer or using low code programs. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its downsides.

Limited Templates

As no code programs were designed to accommodate basic functions, there’s definitely a limit to what you can feature on your application. Most no code platforms will not allow for more sophisticated needs, so while it is quicker to make changes, your only options are those pre-built into the program. Still, there’s a ton of things no code can do, and its limitations are seldom considered a hurdle in developing everyday apps.

Vendor Lock-In

If you’re able to build a functioning app using a no code platform, great! The problem comes when you want to shift from no code or switch providers. Because your code isn’t written by your organization, you become dependent on your vendor.

There are also security implications with no code, as it’s essentially an outside platform you’re entrusting with your app. Because you don’t see your vendor’s code yourself, you don’t know the how of it all. The data collected through your app may also be compromised.

Choosing What’s Right

There are no hard-and-fast rules to running a business; every business has different goals and different needs. No code development platforms are a great option for businesses wanting to put out simple applications without the complexity and the substantial cost of traditional app development.

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