How To Launch Your App Idea For (Almost) Free – Part 9: Extending Beyond Bubble


Zapier is an automation tool that helps users connect their favourite and most frequently used apps. Zapier has a network of more than 1,000 web apps, and it works as a glue to connect all of them. Using Zapier, its customers can link two or more apps. This helps users keep track of their work and automate various tedious tasks without relying on developers or coding.

Epos Now (2019)

Zapier moves information between web applications automatically, so its users can keep track of the same important information on different apps. It is easy to use and accessible to everyone. Users can thus design their personal application workflows with only a few clicks.

Zapier helps users save time with its automation of workflows. For example, many people receive tons of email attachments on their Gmail accounts every day. Every time they get an attachment, they open it and manually save it to Dropbox, a process that is repeated every time they receive an email attachment. Zapier provides an alternative to this task by sending email attachments automatically to Dropbox, notifying users each time this happens. Zapier makes a process like this easy for busy people and often inspires others to create their own unique workflows.


Airtable takes the best features of databases and spreadsheets and combines them into a visually appealing and customized workflow design. Many businesses use it for the purpose of customer relationship management, project planning, inventory control or task management because it is powerful enough to be used as database.

Source: Grow (2018)

Companies like WeWork use Airtable to filter and sort out customer feedback. Fortune, Money and many other publications use Airtable to manage their photo and video production schedules. But Airtable is available to everyone and can be used to make a shopping list, hunt for an apartment, or make a wedding plan.

Users have an option of selecting a template, starting from scratch or importing a spreadsheet to Airtable’s dashboard. One of the greatest features of Airtable is that it enables its users to create a link between their data and tables, a relationship that is already created when using a template. It also helps users visualize their data on a variety of charts—column, line, pie, bar, area, and scatter—while at the same time counting down important deadlines.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a secure cloud platform that offers content delivery, computing power, database storage and other functionalities in order to help businesses grow. Millions of people buy solutions to develop reliable applications and cloud products from AWS.

Source: Amoeba Network (2019)

Amazon API gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a service that makes it very easy for programmers and developers to publish, monitor, create, maintain, and secure APIs at every scale. Amazon’s API Gateway handles almost all tasks involved in processing and accepting millions of API calls, access and authorization control, API version management, and monitoring and traffic management. The gateway has no start up costs or minimum fees; you only pay for API calls you receive and that too is based on the amount of data transferred.

Source: Amazon API Gateway

AWS Databases

To support the basic needs of an application, relational and non-relational databases are needed. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers purpose-built databases to address the specific needs of their customers. AWS’s completely managed databases include both relational—for transactional applications—and non-relational databases—for Internet scale applications. AWS’s relational database helps its customers set up, scale and operate the database. It provides resizable capacity and efficient cost, while automating administrative tasks such as database setup, hardware provisioning, backups, and patching.

Source: AWS (2019)


Azure is a cloud platform for deploying, building, and managing applications and services, anywhere. Azure lets its users enhance the cloud capabilities of their existing networks through the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, or you can trust Microsoft with your network and computing needs with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Both options provide its users a reliable and secure access to their hosted cloud data. Azure is a convenient and easy to manage platform offering a wide array of services and products.

Azure (2019)

Azure Functions

Azure functions provide solutions for small pieces of code that are “functions” of the MS cloud. If users have a problem at hand, they can just write the code without worrying or fearing about the whole infrastructure or the whole application to run it. Users can choose their own development language. Azure gives its users a choice of paying only if their code is running. Azure functions enable you to produce applications that are serverless.

SQL Server

Microsoft developed a relational database management system that is known as the Microsoft SQL server. The primary function of this database server is to retrieve and store data. Azure’s SQL database is a reliable, secure, and high-performance database that users can use while building data-driven websites and applications in programming of the user’s choice without the need to manage infrastructure.

Azure (2019)

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