How To Launch Your App Idea For (Almost) Free – Part 7: BUBBLE TEMPLATES

A template is a designed layout or an already formatted blueprint file. Templates incorporate all the features like color, format, theme, fonts, menu bar, background design and other prominent required features. Users or designers can further alter these designed templates to meet specific needs. A template is essential in web designing and in app creation, providing an overall structure and pattern to the app or web page. By using a template, a web page or an application can be designed with the help of features provided in the template, including the navigation bar, images, graph, chart placement, and other necessary elements.

If professional designers or programmers need to create a template for their apps, then no worries: Bubble is here to help. Bubble provides an extraordinary opportunity for programmers and entrepreneurs to create their own templates or use available templates created by professional designers. Bubble templates are extremely convenient; you can now DIY without learning to code or hiring an expensive programmer. Bubble empowers non-tech individuals to come up with their own new designs by using a Bubble template. By following a simple set of rules, Bubble offers its services to app designers or web page designers to create their own templates and publish them online—on any site. Professional designers and programmers can even design their own templates and sell them to Bubble.

To build an app, Bubble requires its users to create an account, after which it allows its customers to use the Bubble templates, either free or paid.

Source: Bubble Templates

Bubble offers a wide variety of free templates, which are provided with visually attractive landing pages, including app, mobile, login and sign-ups pages. These services address the needs of different programming and apps. The Bubbles template layout is flexible, attractive, and invaluable. Specifically, Bubble offers free template for apps related to music, messaging services, map services, various agencies, and many others. This means that templates are designed for diverse users. The mobile app template design, for example, includes an innovative landing page and incorporates features like the menu bar, data storage, email subscription and a host of others.

Source: Bubble Templates

The cost of a paid template depends on the number of features it provides and the overall quality of the product. Paid templates mostly address themes related to occupational or business services, such as booking and appointment services, rentals, online courses and private messaging services. These templates are mostly targeted for those who hope to earn money by charging others to use their app or service. Yet many of these templates help address a variety of social concerns like voting, overpopulation, and climate change.

Bubble not only buys templates from professional designers and developers but also allows those professionals to earn a fee based on the extent to which its customers use those templates. Mostly templates created by professional designers require some form of payment based, again, on quality and features. Prices vary according to content or subject, and those related to e-commerce or businesses tend to have the highest rates.

Source: Bubble Templates

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