How To Launch Your App Idea For (Almost) Free – Part 6: Bubble.Io Tutorials

(This is part 6 of a 12 part series.  Read Part 5.)

This section of the Bubble tutorial is organized in three parts: lessons, videos, and course contents.

Bubble Lessons

Go to, where you will find a series of lessons to help you build software. There are total of 11 lessons in that section, with 3 to 8 minute tutorials, which include saving data, building a sign-up system, saving and modifying data, building a slideshow, sending data to pages, using conditions, defining a field as a list of things, using APIs and sending data to groups, using external APIs, and using the chart element and login with Facebook. Initially an arrow and instructions will guide the user to where to click; on the second time or the “hard mode” only instructions will be visible to guide the user.

Source: Bubble Lessons

For example, this picture is from Lesson 1, “Saving the Data,” and an arrow points out where to click, while the instructions tell the user how to begin. On the left side of this picture, you can see a list of options to get started. Here, the arrow points out the input box for inserting text on the screen.

Source: Bubble Lessons

This picture is from Lesson 2, “Building Up a Sign-up System,” in which the arrow and description box help the user start a sign-up system by clicking on the “button” tab on the left side of the screen. A box will appear on the right side of the screen with the name “button login,” helping the user to add text and proceed to the next step. Similar instructions and arrow signs are present in other lessons to assist the user in building the app.

Bubble Videos

At you will also find 12 tutorial videos, each lasting from 2 to 17 minutes, which are intended to help the user get started with Bubble. In these videos, you will find discussed the important steps that are required when building on Bubble. Each of the 12 interactive tutorials explains the different steps and procedures needed to work with the app. The videos include the Bubble interface, building your first Bubble workflow, understanding responsive settings, using conditional formatting, saving stuff on the server, displaying data in a repeating group, defining types of things, sending data to group, using external APIs, integrating Ziggeo to record videos, build a BMI calculator in Bubble, and use the Etsy API from Bubble.

For example, in the video, “The Bubble Interface,” in which an application is built using the Bubble editor, the user will find two tabs: design and workflow. The design tab designs the application, and the workflow tab programs the application. The next video is about “building a sign-up workflow” in which two input forms are built, so that a user can type an email and password and a button to trigger the sign-up. The rest of the videos contain similar instructions and information on how to develop an application successfully.

Course Content

The bubble course content teaches the user how to build fully functional mobile and web applications without code. During this course you can learn how to build a fully functional mobile and web application on your own and how to launch your app to the world. Through this course, you can learn to create an attractive user interface, providing a marvellous user experience. Further, elegant APIs, databases, and workflows can be designed with the help of this course.

The content of this course includes 106 lectures and videos with a total duration of nearly 10 hours. The content includes introduction, visual design elements, workflows, data types, and so forth.

Source: Bubble

To benefit from this course, you will need an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a registered free hobby account with Bubble—and no prior coding knowledge or experience!

Up until now, you had only two ways to build an app. You could hire a developer to build your app, which normally would require significant costs for development and maintenance. Or you could learn coding, which is very time consuming for non-technical people and has a steep learning curve. But now Bubble gives us a third choice; an innovative visual programming platform that enables people with no technical background to completely develop their own mobile and web applications. As a enterprise corporate programmer with over 20 years of experience, I see the potential that Bubble provides to entrepreneurs looking to leap into the start up arena. It truly has lowered the barrier of entry for many potential MVPs.

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