How to Get Started on a Web Scraping Solution for Your Small Business

Web scraping refers to the extraction of specific data from a website. It then collects said data and presents it in different forms like Excel, JSON, HTML, txt, and others that can be used to interpret trends, feedback on products and services, as well as exact and factual statistics that can steer your decisions to a more profitable direction.

Scraping can be done the old way – with Python. But newer and more efficient ways have presented themselves, especially for small businesses. There are now pre-built web scraping tools like Octoparse that require no coding experience which allows smaller businesses to compete with the big leagues. Not only that, scores of no-code app development agencies who specialize in tools like Octoparse are easy to reach and are generally flexible with budget options.

Web scraping solutions aren’t exclusive to big brands any longer. The next step forward is knowing what to look for in a web scraping tool to optimize your small but growing business.

●     Budget

As a business that probably doesn’t have unlimited resources or cash flow, it’s wise to budget the different important facets of your business with intention. You don’t want your web scraping solution to drain your budget unnecessarily.

Therefore, no-code tools that have ready-made web scrapers are the way to go. This option is relatively cheaper than hiring teams of coders and developers to build a web scraping tool from scratch. At worst, you can learn to make it yourself, as it is user-friendly and easy to use. At best, you can allot a small budget to partner with pros to help you achieve your goals.

●     Results

There’s little to no room for useless expenses when running a small business. Every penny should be put into good use. However, sacrificing the quality of results for budgetary reasons is also out of question – in fact, it’s counterproductive.

Getting inaccurate or incomplete data because of poorly made web scrapers will cost you more money than if it was done right the first time at a slightly higher cost. But worry not, because you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets for a highly efficient one.

We circle back to Octoparse, a no-code web scraper tool that can do just as well as any scraper with functionality that covers all the bases, and more at a lesser cost. A gift to small business owners everywhere.

So, how does web scraping solutions actually help your business?

1.   Generating more leads

Small businesses flourish by promoting their products through sending out newsletters and applying marketing campaigns to leads acquired through conventional means. However, using web scraping solutions can get better, more specific niches that are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This also means that your resources are used with higher chances of conversion which, in the end, actually saves you a lot of money.

2.   Upping your SEO game

With web scraping solutions, you can increase your SEO placement by scraping high ranking websites from similar industries and get the keywords that get them to the top. Gear your digital marketing team into the right direction and up your SEO game to make a stronger internet presence.

3.   Competitive pricing

One of the many things you can tweak to play the field is through pricing. By creating web scrapers that collect pricing data of similar products and services, you will know for certain the extensions and limits of pricing against strong competitors.

4.   Product statistics

Getting accurate feedback on your products or services by scraping information on your customers’ buying trends can also be used to make better sales and marketing decisions. To make your consumers happy, you need to know what they actually think about your brand and products. Scraping eCommerce marketplaces and websites like Yelp can be your window to your customer’s minds. And the collected data is your ticket to better understanding your customers.

What’s Next?

No matter the limitations a small business’ budget may have, it does not close your doors for high functioning and efficient web scraping solution options.

Not only are ready-made no-code web scraping tools such as Octoparse available and within budget, the pros also got your back with end-to-end services to get your business at peak operations with their expert knowledge and excellent customer service.

Getting a customized and reasonably priced option is within reach. If you’re looking forward to a more data-driven business that will get you further to the top, talk to us! We’re the team to help!

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