How No-Code Makes Remote Work Easier

A year and a half into the pandemic and working from home has become an irrevocable setup across the globe. While it can be great to see your family all the time and cut down on travel expenses to get to work, having your work into your personal space definitely has its downsides.

These days, the sound of a message notification is enough to trigger anxiety, and understandably so. In a time where physical interaction is limited due to strict lockdowns and overwhelmingly negative news seems to dominate media coverage, even simple tasks like joining meetings can seem a herculean feat.

While we’re all fairly new to doing all of our work online, there are technologies out there that can help ease the burden of remote work. One of which is no code.

In this article we’ll explore how no code makes remote working easier.

One Place For Everything


With the current state of the world and the inevitability of work meetings, it’s no surprise people have trouble focusing. People are often distracted by the news, their home situation, or both, and end up forgetting about previously discussed details at work.

Once again, no code can help with that. No code app builders allow for in-app conversations, which help teams keep track of all communication that’s happened on a project. Since all information is in one place, project participants will know where to find relevant information, so no need to ctrl+f through all your third party communication apps just to remember what Jim said last week about the project.

And because only those who are part of the project can join in on these conversations, it doesn’t add to everyone’s feeling of overwhelmedness.


Without no code, chances are your team is jumping from one app to another to get their work done, which can be taxing in itself. With no code, this problem is solved.

Apps built with no code have the ability to replace third-party, single-duty applications. Instead of having different apps for every part of your workflow, you can consolidate everything you use from CRM, emailing, HR and other admin tasks into one system to ensure seamless work.

Empowering People To Do More


Many employees working from home struggle with feeling disconnected from their work. When you’re isolated from the rest of your team and only see them through a screen, it can feel like they’re not really there, or rather, you’re not really there.

The beauty of no code apps is that it encourages collaboration – something that can help alleviate feeling isolated and disconnected. Since the app building process is no longer solely in the hands of your IT department, members across different teams in your organization are empowered to take an active part in the process.


Because no code gives your staff the power to take matters into their own hands, they’re not only challenged to solve old problems in new ways, they’re also equipped with new skills.

In a 2017 report from one no code platform, it was reported that 64% of their builders received public recognition for their work on the platform – we don’t need to discuss how boosting morale is even more important these days. 18% said they received a promotion as a direct result of their use of the platform, and 17% said they took their skills to new job roles at different companies, or grew within their current role.

Becoming Self-sufficient

The benefits of no code simply cannot go unnoticed. From streamlining workflows, empowering your team to get creative, to encouraging your people to communicate better, no code is the god-tier solution your business (and employees) need.

Once your processes are streamlined, you’ll find that the business will practically run itself. The cornerstone of a no code strategy is that you benefit from the knowledge of your entire workforce. So with no code, you can achieve unparalleled efficiency and organization. And when that happens, your team will find themselves with fewer items on their to-do list to worry about.

What’s Next?

Remote work can be daunting at times, but there are ways to ease the burden. The most obvious and best resource at your disposal is no code.

Not only are you making the actual work you do simpler and more streamlined, you’re also taking a load off your team – something that will help their wellbeing immensely (and they’ll be undoubtedly thankful for!).

Help your team work smarter with no code.

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