How a Custom App Can Help Your Pool Service Business

While we continue to wait for a COVID19 vaccine, it’s safe to say that many of us are stuck at home and making do with what we can. Suppose you’re an entrepreneur who runs a pool cleaning service. In that case, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategies as you can bet that more people are on their phones today.

What does this mean?

This means that utilizing an app to help grow your business may be the best solution for your enterprise today.

There are two ways to look at present times in the context of your business. Firstly, it’s possible that those with pools at home no longer contact their pool cleaners since they have more time to clean their pools themselves. After all, they spend most of their days at home. Secondly, it’s also possible that they employ pool cleaners even more as their pool usage may have increased.

If you’re still on the fence with this one, allow us to highlight why building an app for your business is a smart move.

Web apps provide more value.

Businesses are a give-and-take deal. You provide your products and services, and your market pays you in exchange. But considering how times are changing, technology has opened many doors for businesses to up their worth and expand what they have to offer. When you use an app to connect to your market, you can establish a points system your customers can accumulate in exchange for specific rewards.

For instance, Starbucks uses its mobile app to extend exclusive promos and discounts to its patrons. That alone poses unique value their customers are unable to get elsewhere. Perhaps you can roll out something similar. Discounted cleaning sessions, specific pool construction services, it’s up to you, really.

Whatever the case, reaching out to your customers through an app allows them to access your business in an entirely digitized platform designed to pack benefits unavailable in other marketing channels.

Web apps help fortify your brand.

One of the most vital features businesses with apps enjoy is the capacity to establish brand retention effortlessly. As a business leader, one of your steady goals will always be to keep making sure your market is aware of your brand. Otherwise, you lose sales. It’s a constant battle to keep finding ways to stay on top, let alone survive your industry. Pool cleaning services are everywhere today. So optimizing a web or mobile app is a surefire way for your market to remember your business exists.

Additionally, the more digital platforms your customers can reach you through, the easier it will be for them to know you’re available. The more accessible you become to them, the easier it will be to keep engagements alive. Interestingly, studies say that brands in constant communication with their audience members are most likely to win their trust; and what kind of entrepreneur wouldn’t want that?

Through a pool cleaning services app, you’ll be able to effectively demonstrate why your customers can trust you and what sets you apart from your competition. In the same way that umbrellas, calendars, magnets, and caps make food useful tools for brand retention, so do apps.

Web apps expand your clientele.

Letting strangers in your home can be a scary idea to foster, so best believe that residents with pools in their spaces are more comfortable inviting the same pool cleaners they already know. And because customer service is never only about in-person interactions anymore, apps make it easier for businesses to expand their reach.

About 2 billion people rely on their phones today, and a good fraction of those numbers may need your services. That said, apps are terrific game-changers in that downloading an app or opening a web app online doesn’t always demand human conversations. Despite that, apps offer no shortage of excellent customer service because they’re responsive and available 24/7.

And because apps are easily customizable to support SEO principles, your pool cleaning services app can quickly appear on top of search engine results pages. In turn, this can help translate internet searchers to frequent customers.

Web apps improve sales.

Studies say that sales are more likely to increase when your patrons appreciate how you treat them. A dynamic and engaging web app truly is a manifestation of how comfortable you want your clients to be.

Entrepreneurs who depend only on phone appointments and social media reservations significantly reduce their ability to make more profit. Remember, apps allow customers to book cleaning appointments without speaking to a receptionist or an agent. This alone already contributes to customer satisfaction. Having to call you or message a social media account to book an appointment can require too much effort. If it isn’t apparent yet, speed is a significant determiner of what keeps customers happy.

The benefits of optimizing a web app to support your business are clear and many. If you’re looking for a sign to build your business app today, this is it.

Own a pool cleaning services company but don’t have an app yet? Give us a call, and we’ll make you one!

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