Everything You Must Know About Bubble App Builder

Every day hundreds of new startups pop up across the world, and very few manage to gain the edge and move faster to become successful. No-Code platforms like Bubble App Builder can help startups go from the concept to the prototypes and launch in real-time without expensive expenses for development and coding classes. In addition, it reduces the need for external investors to develop the MVP, and it supports gaining leverage and developing a robust business.

What is Bubble App Builder?

Bubble App Builder comes with a user-friendly drag and drops platform to develop a highly professional web application without the coding skills and groundwork. So, businesses don’t have to learn the coding and hire developers to get the business app off the ground. 

However, Bubble may not be suitable for all situations, but it is a user-friendly tool with no coding skills and product design requirements. The application enables the users to focus more on the crucial parts of building a business, sales, customer validation, hiring a team, and raising funds. 

When Bubble App Builder is the Suitable Choice?

Before you jump in and start using the application, you must understand what Bubble App Builder is suitable for. Depending upon the type of business, you may only need a website rather than having a complete web application. Some tools can serve you better in that case. WordPress is also a wonderful choice, but with limitations. It lacks customization like Bubble. 

Bubble App excels when it comes to adding sophisticated logic to the web application designed using no codes. If you want social messaging, user registration, data manipulation, and integrations with 3rd party APIs, Bubble App is the right choice. It is the most mature and feature-complete no-code app builder for beginners and startups.            

Using Bubble App Builder for MVP

Staying lean in businesses means monitoring every penny invested in the startup, and hence the first thing is to develop MVP or Minimum Viable Product. The version allows you to accumulate feedback, find funding, test the market, and update and adjust rapidly. Unfortunately, MVP creation is a costly affair as you need to hire a software engineer. But, with Bubble App Builder, you eliminate the need to hire a software engineer. 

The App Builder allows non-tech users to create professional apps with no coding skills. As the MVP grows gradually, it progresses to a full production stage. It becomes essential to hire a developer like Mvp.dev to create additional functionalities missing on Bubble App.


If you are using Bubble App Builder, you will save lots of time and money as a startup, even at the production level. It allows startups to build complicated apps rapidly, test UI, and play with diversified data models while connecting to existing infrastructure to pivot the designs and features. The app builder helps in reducing cost and time, and it has lined up different showcase companies that use app builders for creating products. It has more than 700,000 bubblers worldwide and an active community that uses it for creating MVPs rapidly. Since it offers a free platform, it makes sense for startups to use it for creating MVPs.

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