Debunking Six Myths About No Code

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The rise of no code is here. It was inevitable, really. As technology advances, tools become more and more user friendly. These days there are tons of applications built through no code platforms like

However, even though thousands of users are shifting from traditional coding to no code, some business owners are still a bit hesitant to make the switch. And we get it. You wouldn’t want to risk your business by using methods you’re unsure of.

That’s what we’ll help you with today. Oftentimes, we fear what we don’t understand, so in this article we’ll debunk six myths about no code to help you see that no code is the best code.

Myth 1: No Code Requires Users to Know Code

When you think about who’s capable of app building, you might automatically picture someone with an IT background. Well, that’s definitely an advantage, but not a necessity when it comes to no code.

No code development platforms have a drag-and-drop interface that lets users pick out what features they want in their app. Because it’s so straightforward, anyone can do it regardless of technical know-how.

If you’re a citizen developer (in simple terms a business user with little to no coding experience), there’s no reason to be intimidated by no code platforms. As long as you have a problem in mind and a flow to how you want your app to function, no code is going to be a breeze.

Myth 2: No Code Makes No Room for Collaboration

Related to myth 1, some users think that no code is exclusively for citizen developers. This isn’t true at all. No code allows for collaboration across teams. No code platforms provide a collaborative environment for team members to help build applications to address different business problems.

Myth 3: No Code Apps Aren’t Secure

It’s often believed that no code apps aren’t secure because they’re easy to use and offer a quick solution to business needs. This just isn’t true. No code development platforms are always made with the user in mind, and the best platforms ensure that software safety regulations are met.

Here at MVP, security is our top priority. We understand how heavy the price is for data breaches, and we’d never let your business pay that price.

Myth 4: No Code Makes No Room For Customization

Many would say that traditional development’s main advantage over no code is how it offers the most flexibility and customization. But let’s think about the nature of no code for a second.

No code makes it easier for users to create their own application by offering pre-made features that they can choose. That in itself is customization. It’s different from buying pre-made software from a marketplace, for example, that has functions that aren’t useful to you (but you still pay for) since with no code, you’re only choosing (and paying for) the features that work for you.

It’s also important to remember that as no code platforms evolve, so does their sophistication. More advanced no code platforms offer a good amount of flexibility and customization.

Myth 5: No Code Can’t Handle ‘Heavy’ Apps

No code is always advertised as easy to use. This is true, but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle complex applications. This is what makes no code such a good option for anyone looking for a quick fix to their business needs.

In fact, no code can be used for enterprise applications. Advanced no code platforms are especially capable of building CRMs with an extensive range of functionalities from complex workflows to reporting.

Myth 6: No Code Isn’t Scalable

Some skeptics think that no code is just a fad; that it isn’t sustainable and that you can’t scale your projects if you use it. This, however, is false.

Again, let’s reflect on the very nature of no code. No code platforms offer a variety of features and functionalities to build and modify applications. This makes for highly customized apps catered to a business’ needs. By this logic, it’s so easy for users to modify their application and adjust as needed. That’s the beauty of no code.

No Code Isn’t A Myth; It’s A Reality

With rapidly improving platforms, no code is no joke. It’s sustainable and only has room to grow. No code’s ability to quickly address rapidly shifting business needs and its ease of use makes it the best option for entrepreneurs.

Don’t have coding experience? Not a problem. All you need is an idea.

Try no code with MVP today.

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