Client Feedback: Why No-Code Is King

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As a dedicated app development agency, one of the many dynamic things we look forward to the most is for us to see, in fruition, what allowing our clients to immerse themselves in the no-code space can do. 

While it is in our organization’s DNA to build reliable solutions for other startups and institutions, it brings us complete joy to know that our clients’ introduction to no-code tools empowers them to be visionaries and masters of their own programs.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re still unsure about how apps can be game-changers for your enterprise, this article’s for you!

For this blog post, we’re sharing pieces of feedback about how one client optimizes our favorite no-code platform to make the most out of their business efforts.

“We developed a feature request app that allows customers to request a feature.”

Robert Brinton, one of our most talented clients, is in the cloud services business. As such, leaders like him need to value technical feedback from their customers. That said, apps as simple as requesting certain features in each of their products allow him to better understand how to serve his market.

Granted how a drag-and-drop visual programming tool like Bubble accommodates this possibility, professionals like Robert are more easily able to explore solutions of this nature.

“We also developed an internal billing and implementation tool. When we sign a new deal, we input crucial client details such as the contract amount and their locations into the platform, allowing us to easily track addenda to the contracts.”

Time is everything in business, and Robert clearly understands this. By creating an implementation tool, he fast-tracks transactions both for him and for his customers, allowing a more streamlined process for everyone involved — the faster the exchange, the more desirable the experience.

What’s more, in contexts like the pandemic today, an internal billing app makes additional purchases and orders easier to make.

“We can also track which clients are live, in implementation, on hold, and more. This is a great admin tool.”

Among dozens of no-code’s benefits, the capacity to keep information and track data is definitely on top. The data element of this arrangement is completely in SQL, too. In other words, platforms like Bubble are terrific front-end solutions that make connecting with back-end systems faster and more efficient.

“I was also able to build a small 2-page application to help me track credit card processing onboarding; just a little task manager for me.”

If the advantages aren’t clear yet, no-code is a great remedy for professionals who need to be more efficient. As if multiple work platforms and processes aren’t complicated enough, the need to adapt to simplified business practices in a day and age such as today is critical in cultivating, not only a pleasant brand experience but also a sustainable work culture. At the end of the day, business leaders are called to accommodate their personnel too, not just their market segment—and clearly, no-code tools like Bubble help you hit both targets.

“We plan to build a marketing module where clients can build automated email campaigns. I mocked up the whole module on Bubble. We plan to build in Angualar/c# eventually, but the mockup in Bubble is a great way to hand it to a developer to exactly portray what is needed; a prototype basically.”

Oftentimes, non-technical creatives and visionaries will have bright ideas about bridging certain gaps, but they don’t have the coding background to execute their solutions. Like Robert, you, too, can finally flesh out particular concepts you want to test with no-code. Because no-code harnesses only a visual interface for you to piece together the program you have in your head, it’s much faster to test the viability and profitability of an idea in advance.

“Long story short, I love Bubble and it’s become a big part of making our jobs easier. I’ve become quite proficient at it, and I’ve been able to do most—if not all—that I’ve wanted to do with it.”

Ultimately, these tools are as extensive as you need them to be. There are virtually millions of things anyone can do with no-code. The sky’s the limit and the possibilities are endless.

With dedication and a whole lot of ideas, consider yourself a citizen developer in no time.

If you want to experience Robert’s story yourself, give us a call.

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