Bubble: How To Deploy The PayPal Checkout Plugin

Now that e-commerce is in full force, it makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs to deploy more payment options on their web apps to ensure that more customers are taken care of and have a convenient time making a purchase.

Whatever your products and services are, it pays to invest in improving the customer experience, and this definitely includes making sure your prospects can make payments effortlessly.

Although Braintree and Stripe are Bubble’s leading payment plugins, they’re not available in most countries yet. That being the case, the next best thing to do is to deploy PayPal.

But how exactly do you do that?

Here’s how to deploy the PayPal checkout plugin

First method:

1. Install the PAYPAL plugin.

2. Add the PAYPAL_Button item to the page.

3. Enter group ID for the PAYPAL_Button.

4. Fill in the required fields.

Second method:

The first method should work fine if what your customer is paying for is a product that needs to be shipped. However, if your customers are paying for services or digital products that require no shipping, this method should work better.

  1. Copy the codes for the PayPal checkout plugin and make a new plugin.
  2. For this one, you can modify it to exclude shipping details.
  3. A customer’s personal information details such as their complete name, contact number, and zip code are mandatory, and cannot be removed.
  4. The plugin name is “PayPal tool” and it should look like this:

 A few pointers for the PayPal tool:

  • Create a PayPal developer account.
  • Create REST API applications (both live and sandbox).
  • Copy Sandbox Client ID and Live Client ID to the plugin tap (in the -dev when you are developing and in the other ones when you deploy live).
  • Draw the element on the payment page, and make sure its height is good enough (about 630px).
  • Set the amount + the currency and other essentials.
  • In the workflow on page load, add the action “get access token” (use the one in the “plugins tap” and not the one in payment tap).
  • Encode your credentials (suggested search: base64 encoded credentials pair).

We hope this helps!

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