Battle of the No-Code Tools: Bubble versus Mendix

More business leaders are coming to terms with the domination of no-code and low-code platforms. With e-commerce at the forefront of shopping and retail today, it comes as no surprise why entrepreneurs are taking the time to build apps of their own to better cater to their target markets.

As the expansion of digital technology grows more evident by the day, let’s check out two of the leading providers in the software-building space today.

Mendix versus Bubble

FeaturesWorkflow-based programming   Real-time updates   User Management   Version Control Logic Search    EngineIntegration  Centralized App Governance   Drag and drop forms builder   Enterprise Integration   Model-driven development   Multi-Device, Multi-Channel
Customers  Large Enterprises, Medium BusinessEnterprises
Pricing Plans  Starts at $25Start at $1,785
Integrations  MailChimp PostgreSQL MSSQL MySQLGitHub Lync Online Microsoft Excel Skype Tableau Software
User Satisfaction  92%100%


Getting to know Mendix

Unlike Bubble which is completely no-code, Mendix is a feature-rich, low-code platform that allows the creation of stunning and dynamic apps. Made for both professional app makers and citizen developers alike, Mendix is one of the more popular low-code contenders in the market today.

Primarily built to help organizations work efficiently, Mendix is capable of producing speedy and fully-functional mobile and web apps. A tad more IT and developer-focused compared to its contemporaries, the platform has impressive customization and analytics features any numbers-driven entrepreneur will love.

Furthermore, Mendix also utilizes built-in collaboration features against one of its more direct rivals–Appian. But one of the more loved capacities Mendix has to flex is its capability to connect with Microsoft PowerApps, making any app instantly more marketable and powerful.

Building an app with Mendix

Generally, low-code development platforms serve two very distinct reasons: to help everyday non-coding professionals build apps they need for work, and to help make building software for IT experts much faster. For those with no technical or coding experience, also known as citizen developers, Mendix can be used to develop basic programs like scheduling-apps and other similar performing digital products. Meanwhile, seasoned computer professionals will find that Mendix is great for virtually any app. For example, on Mendix’s website, they note that the low-code provider is a tremendous solution for innovation apps. “Some great examples of innovation apps built with Mendix are AntTail’s medicine tracking app, Solomon Group’s RFID wristband event access app, KLM’s IoT equipment tracking app, and Heijman’s IoT-based smart building management app.”

All in all, Mendix is a strong tech platform that knows where it’s headed. It’s one of the more pleasant low-code tools in the market that puts a premium on the developer experience by adding strong features and capabilities, allowing developers to look forward to making apps on the platform. Mendix also doesn’t suffer from the UI clutter and feature bloat of Salesforce App Cloud.

Moreover, the platform’s free plan allows startups and small businesses to get a good glimpse of how powerful the provider is. Still, it’s worth noting that their pricing tiers are nearly impossible for new startups and small businesses to afford, leaving their services almost exclusive to corporations and established brands. In other words, Mendix is expensive.

Nonetheless, businesses who are bent on developing beautiful and engaging apps might find the price worth it.

Why Bubble

Bubble is a no-code app development platform. As the name implies, no coding is needed to build programs on the platform. As it harnesses its technology from visual programming, the platform’s drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly and encourages more citizen developers to explore their potential in the app development industry.

Perfect for creatives, freelancers, and small entrepreneurs, Bubble is the friendlier choice here. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also a lot easier to navigate too. Albeit not everyone’s first choice when it comes to building mobile apps, Bubble is primarily known to be a powerhouse in making web apps. Those who wish to transform their Bubble creations into mobile apps can focus on developing progressive web apps (PWA) instead.

Nonetheless, Bubble is a terrific choice for building enterprise apps, too. While Mendix is a strong contender in that department, Bubble doesn’t shy away from the opportunity. As a matter of fact, Bubble is also the best no-code platform to create marketplace apps and startup apps. Not only are they more feasible, but the provider also has a forum section that fosters a safe environment where citizen developers and seasoned coders can converge and discuss concerns, queries, and possibilities.

What’s next?

All in all, Mendix and Bubble are fantastic low-code and no-code platforms, respectively, and their users will find them advantageous. However, if you’re looking to build digital products that are both mighty and affordable, Bubble takes the cake. 

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