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If you’ve looked around well enough, you can already tell that there isn’t a shortage in the no-code market. The app world is thriving and growing. And granted that we live in an irreversibly computer-dependent world, you can only bet more and more individuals and businesses will be building apps tied to their brands and visions.

Appy Pie is one popular no-code platform that knows just that.

 Similar to well-favored, Appy Pie is an app builder that makes use of visual programming. By simply dragging and dropping, users are quickly able to establish their logic and actualize their ideas. And as with every other similar platform in the no-code category, users are spared from having to learn how to write code.

One doesn’t even need to have had worked on prior tech projects to be able to begin and dig in! Serving mostly solopreneurs and small businesses, Appy Pie helps visionaries and leaders publish their apps on iOS, Android, and Windows.

The Appy Pie Magic

The mere mention of coding, programming, and making an app to anyone who doesn’t work in the tech community can be overpowering and seemingly impossible to do. To most companies, building an app is mostly delegated to established tech startups and software engineering firms. Aside from not being knowledgeable enough to build an app, it also takes a lot of your time.

Along with equally engaging and competent platforms, this is what Appy Pie is changing.

The no-code movement gives access to business leaders—both new and seasoned—to a plethora of features and tools to create enterprise-grade apps sans traditional coding. With Appy Pie’s ultra user-friendly interface, it’s only a matter of clicks until your beautiful app is ready to hit the market. Obviously, there’s still a lot of coding involved in all of this as it is virtually impossible to come up with stunning apps without traditional programming. The only difference is that all the heavy technical labor runs at the back-end. To Appy Pie users, on the other hand, everything else is a piece of pie.

What makes this platform even more of a champ is its capacity to pack as many features and functionalities as possible. For instance, Appy Pie users can breezily expand their app’s features and their end-users are most likely to see improved results quickly. Incorporating a variety of features such as appointment schedulers, QR codes, one-touch calling, and adding contact forms shouldn’t even take more than a couple of minutes. No more waiting for hours and weeks to enhance functionalities. In fact, those who become well-versed with how Appy Pie works won’t even have to keep depending on guides, tutorials, and expert help anymore.

Furthermore, Appy Pie also doesn’t charge its users when they publish their apps on the platform’s marketplace. For App Store and Google Play, however, users will be subjected to corresponding fees through Appy Pie’s monthly packages.

The business leader’s no-code platform

Although Appy Pie can help anyone create an app they’d want, this no-code platform in particular should easily attract those with online stores. That’s because Appy Pie has a special shopping cart for eCommerce businesses. With just a few taps, the shopping cart per se enables end-users to select any item they want and pay for them immediately.

Marketing with Appy Pie shouldn’t be challenging, as well. On top of Appy Pie’s email marketing tool, the platform has standard features that help you promote your app, either by sending alerts to specific people or by optimizing advanced geo-targeted push notifications. What’s more, users also have the opportunity to merge both Google Analytics and Appy Pie’s own analytical tools to better gain insights on how the business is performing.

Additionally, its preview function allows entrepreneurs and digital leaders to check how their apps look like across app stores, allowing them to correct anything or improve designs and content before publishing to market.


Appy Pie is a great solution to anyone who’s thinking of launching an app. The platform is easy to use, business-friendly, and well built on customer service you can turn to for help if the need arises. Just bear in mind that the kind of access to client services you’re afforded is reliant on the plan you choose for yourself. The no-code brand also has a rich knowledge base users can check should they have questions.

Overall, Appy Pie is a competent contender among the long list of available no-code platforms. It’s one of the more affordable ones, too! If anything, trying your luck with app building becomes easier and faster when you choose Appy Pie. If you feel like you don’t know enough to figure out which no-code platform best reflects your business’ values, principles, and audience, don’t be afraid to ask tech experts for advice.

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