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Last year, there were little to no conversations about a pandemic taking the world by storm. Today, the country’s economic devastation is felt in more ways than one. As more stores continue to put up closed signs for good, both small companies and startups alike struggle the most. Consumer behavior has seen a rapid change, too. The numbers on streaming subscriptions and online shopping are skyrocketing, and the shift to digital services is on a high today.

Only time can tell how much longer these trends will last. But until the global health emergency is resoundingly present, business leaders will have to keep finding innovative ways to make their services relevant, available, and accessible. Interestingly, entrepreneurs who have yet to take action in realizing their startups are now marching on the digital ground. Given this year’s unpredictable turn of events, all signs lead to the online space being the safest and fastest way to generate revenue. 

Here are five creative app ideas you can build with No-Code

Pet-sitting services

The world’s affinity with pets has definitely increased through the years. For instance, pandemic or not, the welfare of our cats and dogs will remain a priority. If you’re a big animal lover yourself, you may want to consider creating a web application for pet-sitting services.

Whether it’s setting up a schedule to walk someone’s dog or signing up to take care of someone else’s cat while the owners are away, pet-sitting services make for great and noble money. And because building a web app through bubble.io is a masterable experience, you’re not going to need a team of coders and engineers to hold your hand throughout the entire development process. That means you can save a ton of money while fast-tracking the building of your app. Aside from grooming essentials and an ample amount of pet treats, the app idea isn’t investment-heavy, too.

Here’s an example of that kind of app made with Bubble: louiesclub.com/

Space Rentals

Nothing beats the capacity to book an apartment for long-term periods effortlessly. Whether someone is flying from out of town for work temporarily or looking for a provisional residence for quarantine, space rentals are superb startup ideas. If you’re a business person with a vast network of brokers and real estate professionals, partnering with apartment owners to have them advertise on your web app should be easy.

There are all sorts of spaces that demand an audience—art studios, office rentals, video production galleries, all of these areas cater to various markets. You can be as flexible and diverse as possible. What makes this startup a promising idea is that virtually anyone can build the app. As long as an entrepreneur has convenient access to a community of home and studio owners, everything else should be a calculated piece of cake.

Here’s an example of that kind of app made with Bubble: residentstreet.com/

Creative Services

Creatives are an integral workforce in the business sector. To successfully sell a product, brands have to capture how their market thinks, communicates, and spends. And none of that is possible without a bright team of artists. Copywriters, animators, graphic designers, sound editors, every single one of these roles are crucial in creating well-crafted content and campaigns.

Whether you’re a multi-disciplinary creative or a freelance account manager who handles a small group of creators, building a web app that proudly showcases your work should be a great way to attract more clients. This is an awesome startup app idea because it demands very little financial investment if any.

Here’s an example of that kind of app made with Bubble: patter.com/

Handyman and gardening services

No matter the weather or season, handyman services will always be warranted. If you’re an expert on fixture replacements, upgrade installations, window repairs, or even gardening services, this startup idea may just be for you. Your app can contain a calendar where clients can select a date and book your services.

If you’re not particularly skilled in any of these, but know a talented group of professionals who are, then that should be fine, too. Like other startup ideas on the list, what makes this a great app idea to explore is that you’re essentially only setting up the web app, and not really shelling out money on the get-go.

Here’s an example of that kind of app made with Bubble: yardguru.com.au/home

Staffing Agency

Do you have business owner friends who need temporary help with carrying boxes, running errands, or production assistance? The perfect startup idea for you could be a staffing app. There is a sea of people waiting for the opportunity to work or take on side gigs.

Build an app that allows clients to post job openings. Granted how things are rolling out this year, this startup idea could be a massive help to plenty of displaced workers and those who need to make extra money. And as with everything on this list, you won’t even need to splurge on a substantial amount of dollars to make it happen.

Here’s an example of that kind of app made with Bubble: getstaft.com/

Do you have an exciting app startup idea you’d like to build? Talk to us, and let’s make it happen!

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