5 Reasons You Should Build Your MVP on No Code

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There are about a hundred reasons why entrepreneurs and entities should explore the app development space.

Granted how technology is moving at lightning speed nowadays, it’s critical that businesses cater to their market segments as effectively as possible.

While it’s easy to immediately think of improving marketing strategies to better cater to our audiences, it’ll take a lot more than just knowing where and how to advertise to win people over.

For example, for a business to resonate a brand they work so hard to evoke, this sense of identity must start at the workplace; therefore, work systems and corporate practices must be put in place to foster a cohesive culture that, hopefully, translates to the desired business identity.

That said, for businesses to thrive, they must be internally efficient to appear outwardly competent.

Whether for organizational purposes or customer-facing initiatives, it’s necessary that business leaders take crucial steps in future-proofing their enterprises.

All these mentioned, it’s clear how applications play an irreplaceable part in the business equation today. From startups to massive corporations, the need for shared programs to advance goals has never been more crucial.

Thankfully, the advent of no-code has allowed visionaries to realize ideas and dreams quite literally at the tip of their fingertips. For this article, allow us to jot down all the leading reasons for you to build software on no-code tools.

5 Reasons You Should Build Your MVP on No Code

Lightning Fast Time to Market

Get something in front of users in weeks, not months

Because no-code harnesses the power of visual programming, citizen developers—the term used to refer to non-technical app developers—can whip up dynamic and profitable applications as quickly as possible. Whereas traditional app development solely relies on coding, no-code empowers non-technical users to simply develop software by dragging and dropping. 

 Find Product/Market fit faster

As a result of not having to manually write code, the turnover and launch of applications have never been quicker. As such, entrepreneurs are granted more leeway in experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. The earlier leaders can determine what clicks and flops, the more streamlined future efforts become.

Powerful Integration Options

Bubble.io and API Integrations

With a platform like Bubble, API integrations are a breeze; which means, building a program designed to augment whatever it needs to become much more feasible. The no-code platform’s integrations are far too many, too, ensuring that your software’s data and other internal components communicate with each other effectively. 

Bubble.io and Plugins Available

Bubble’s plugins are a dime a dozen. As these are necessary to perform certain functions and features, you’ll be glad to know that there isn’t a shortage of plugins you can choose from for Bubble. From e-commerce apps to streaming sites, you’ll be able to build all that you can and need to through this platform.

Quicker Feature Iterations and Testing

Quick and easy to make small adjustments

When you develop programs by manually writing code, it can take hours or days for an update to reflect. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be impractical. With no-code platforms like Bubble, edits and adjustments are nearly twice as fast, with changes appearing on your app almost instantaneously.

Single codebase

One app for web, iOS, and Android

                                                               i. Responsive design

Web apps work wherever there are browsers, which means building apps with no-code tools can allow for more flexibility. It also doesn’t hurt that a responsive design makes products more desirable and enjoyable to use.

Progressive Web Apps

                                                               i. What they are

Progressive Web Apps are apps that harness the technology of web browsers. Put simply, these are sites that feel like actual phone apps when you open them on your browser. for instance, we all know that Facebook has a dedicated app you can download. Still, when you open Facebook on your phone’s browser, it’ll look and feel like an actual application; this is because platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest all make use of fantastic PWAs.

                                                             ii. Why they’re better

An experienced developer can argue that PWAs are better since they do not need to be installed on one’s phone. Anyone can easily open a browser and access these apps from there. The quicker they are to access, the lesser the effort a user has to exert.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Increases your runway

Applications built through traditional app development can be costly in that these kinds of programs take numerous teams to create. No-code apps, on the other hand, don’t require all that many professionals. As such, the sum of the cost of ownership is reduced exponentially.

What Now?

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of the unknown stop your business from becoming the best it can be. Allow your brand to thrive with no-code. Remember: the future is digital, and until you take the necessary steps to ensure that your enterprise is designed to withstand the seasons, you only prevent your business from growing.

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