3 ways digital businesses can enable the Great Reset

Fantastic article on The Great Reset by the World Economic Forum.

“companies must adopt digital business models at their core to survive and compete.”

“Small businesses constitute 40–60% of GDP in most countries, yet many are cut off from the digital economy. In Europe, for instance, only 20% are digitalized.”

“It is estimated that digital ecosystems could represent more than $60 trillion in revenue by 2025, or more than 30% of global corporate revenue.”

“companies must continuously update capabilities and skills of executive teams and Boards to be digital leaders.”

“In the coming years, it is possible that no one will speak of “digital transformation” because the term will have become irrelevant: Non-digital businesses will simply not exist. To avoid becoming one of those dying businesses, business leaders must take the opportunity – and a pressing need – to invest in bold and purposeful digital transformations now.”

The opportunity for No Code solutions to facilitate business transformation to a digital model is enormous.

No code WILL be the next big technology trend by 2025. And MVP.dev will be ready to help usher it in.

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