3 Fantastic No-Code Solutions for Customer and Client Feedback Forms & Surveys

If you run a business—thriving or otherwise—you understand, first hand, how crucial customer feedback is. Considering how your entire organization gravitates around servicing a market segment, it’s only fair that you seek ways in gaining your consumers’ thoughts on the products and services you put out.

But how exactly do you do this?

As customers ourselves, we know how precious our time is. Opening a boring form and clicking through numbers can feel like a chore, especially when we don’t have a personal attachment or love toward the brands we buy from.

Thankfully, no-code forms and surveys have made sourcing ideas a much better experience.

Sure, Google forms are okay, but answer this question yourself: when was the last time you made the effort to fill out a customer feedback form in the shape of a Google document?

If you’re an entrepreneur and a business leader just like us, this feature is for you!

Here are three effective no-code solutions in getting customer feedback


Designed specifically for speaking to key audiences and gathering their thoughts on particular themes, Typeform is an online survey service meant for business owners and marketers.

Packed with customizable forms and gorgeous templates, this no-code solution comes with a built-in media library that allows you to let your business shine and communicate its brand characteristics.

Made for the modern professional and creative, Typeform organizes your questions and presents them one at a time so as not to overwhelm the survey-taker. Much like an actual conversation where the person you converse with doesn’t ask you ten questions all at once—at least we hope the people you speak with don’t talk like this—the platform structures your content accordingly and effectively, enabling your takers to think rationally.

The platform’s conditional logic also dismisses irrelevant questions for each person.

If this sounds like a service for you, you can check them out here.

Survey Anyplace

A more affordable no-code solution in the context of forms is Survey Anyplace. Interestingly, the platform began only as an iPad app that creates fun quizzes for people looking to organize trivia nights. Today, it is the only online survey service that has a dedicated aesthetic for mobile devices. That said, this pick easily allows business leaders to whip up forms for phone-centric users.

From quizzing capabilities to branding and white labeling, this no-code solution is as good as great gets. So whether you’re gathering data from your personnel or figuring out if your new MVP has a market, you definitely won’t go wrong with Survey Anyplace.

If this sounds like a service for you, you can check them out here.


If what you’re looking for is a no-code solution that offers thousands of stunning templates, perhaps JotForm could be for you.

Similar to Survey Anyplace and Typeform, JotForm is made specifically for sourcing ideas and input too. What makes it different from its contemporaries, however, is its capacity to allow survey-takers to submit photos and upload personalized signatures.

In other words, JotForm doesn’t only gather feedback, it allows users to upload whatever they need to, as well. Perfect for job applications, school assignments, university projects, and so many others, consider this platform a leader in many ways.

It also doesn’t hurt that their impressive clientele includes Facebook and BBC.

If this sounds like a service for you, you can check them out here.

What’s Next?

Overall, the no-code space is brimming with solutions for all kinds of entrepreneurs and marketers.

Whatever it is you need to gather from whoever your key audience is, there’s bound to be a platform for you. 

What’s even better, Bubble is here to help solidify all your other no-code solutions, as well.

If you need a program to connect all of your online applications, you can easily build a program that lets you translate data and more! Sure, project management solutions are easy answers, but why wouldn’t you want to create a tailor-fit program for your business and workforce?

The future is no-code, and whether or not you jump on board, that reality isn’t changing.

Fortunately, no-code doesn’t have to be confusing! When you work with experts you can count on, everything else will fall into place!

Do you have apps you want to build? We’re the agency you want to partner with!

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