10 Startup Ideas You Can Build With No Code in 2021

As 2021 is fast approaching, multiple startup ideas bear mentioning. Despite the economy’s pandemic-caused decline, experts are still hopeful, encouraging entrepreneurs even to explore ventures at a time like this. And because much of how we approach purchases has drastically shifted this year alone, it is an opportune moment to pick up no-code platform skills and begin actualizing profitable digital business concepts.

Here are the top startup ideas you can build with no-code

1. Job Board

With numerous companies closing down, the laying off of people is inevitable. As such, establishing a job board would be a stellar startup to build. With an abundance of skilled talent in need of employment, this business idea isn’t only a bankable project to consider; it’s a meaningful enterprise, as well. More than anything, the ability to earn while connecting applicants to employers is a noble cause.

There are multiple ways founders can earn from this set-up, but popular business models include charging employers who post on the web app. 

2. Restaurant Reservation

With dining centers starting to re-open, people are beginning to eat out again. Still, many establishments limit in-dining capacities, allowing only a few customers inside. As a result, booking reservations can become much more challenging. That being the case, a superb web app to build with no-code is a restaurant reservation app. Guests can check which restaurants near them may accept customers and, as the name of the idea suggests, reserve seats. Added value to an app such as this is the feature to have users customize an experience. For instance, they can request a bottle of wine, a birthday cake, or a bouquet. 

Like many reservation apps, founders may charge a fee to help customers ensure a restaurant seat.

3. Real Estate

Whether targeted to real estate agents or doting homebuyers, apps gravitate toward the real estate space are promising enterprise investments. As rentals and home-selling are lucrative businesses, there will always be people who will look for residential spaces. Find a niche market or a community you want to cater to, and start from there. Web apps like these often begin with strong partnerships, so this idea is best for those who have a vast network of homebuyers or sellers.

Founders often earn from a cut when a purchase is made, making this a promising venture for anyone who wants to maximize what the web has to offer without exhausting too much funds.

4. On-demand Services

From dog-walking and food delivery to graphic design services and carpentry, developing an on-demand platform is a clever way to make money. Numerous niches and categories are welcome, as people are bound to need the services of others.

Find out which area you want to begin with, and contact professionals looking for stints and clients. With the right marketing strategy, your platform will grow in no time.

5. Furniture and Home Pieces

Furniture pieces are generally expensive when you buy them from popular department stores. An online furniture store with products from local craftsmen would be a terrific idea to create. Considering the abundance of skilled talent in this department, employing the help of emerging furniture makers fosters a valuable relationship that benefits more than one party.

By giving up-and-coming artisans a platform, you widen your customers’ options and allow people to support local handiwork.

6. Digital Learning Resources

There is no shortage of professionals we can learn from online. With digital learning resources such as Skillshare, CreativeLive, and Masterclass, we already know that a market exists in this space. Whether you’re an expert yourself or have access to charismatic leaders, you can partner with, developing subscription-based courses is a fantastic way to help aspiring talent and make a profit at the same time.

Another surefire business model is by selling courses with bundled rates so that users can consume your content in one go.

7. Online Coaching

Like the 6th suggestion on this list, online coaching services are an equally promising business idea that involves helping build others’ careers. With face to face interactions put on hold until further notice, connecting to an audience through digital consultations is a great way to earn good money, as well.

From business advice to branding guidelines, being able to speak to others about what you know cultivates and fortifies not only your credibility as a leader but the skills and perspectives of others, too. If you’re one who’s been a part of an industry for years now, you may want to consider commodifying your takeaways.

8. Itinerary Builder

We may have had to take a break from our usual vacation escapades for the first couple of months this year. Thankfully, tourism communities are starting to re-open and pick up from where we left off. As a result, you can be confident that numerous people are eager to travel again. A fantastic web app to build would allow vacationers to create an itinerary to a destination they want to visit.

Consider partnering with travel agencies and determine what payment arrangements you can set. Perfect for those who have a knack for booking hotel reservations and airplane seats, this idea is best for highly organized and customer-driven entrepreneurs.

9. Online Flower And Gift Delivery App

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? One tangible way to let others know you remember and care for them is by sending them gifts. It’s no secret that we’re not as free to roam around just yet, and going from one place to another may feel like a hassle, given all these added protocols to ensure our safety. With an online flower and gift delivery app, you can let others know they’re in your thoughts by handing them presents.

This business idea is best for those who have easy access to flowers and possible gift items. You can collaborate with existing florists and gift shops or come up with a service that collects these items elsewhere and then delivers them to their respective recipients. The choice is yours.

10. Money Lending Manager App

One business that will never go out of style is money lending. Partner with local banks and financial institutions and have them advertise their lending services on your platform. You can also have customers fill-out forms online and match their requirements with funding centers that best suit their needs.

As money is a critical necessity in everyday life, you’re sure always to have customers.


2021 is looking bright and shaping up to be a year of spectacular digital innovation. Keep up with the times, and let your brand shine with a no-code platform. If you’re looking for a tested no-code development agency to help you out, we’re the team you want to partner with. Call us, and we’ll help you build your business!

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