Why Fitness Gyms Need Apps

Fitness and health are probably the most important factors to be ticked in the checklist for a fully optimized quality of life. And more people are realizing just how essential it is and that starting early is the key to a more successful fitness endeavor; which is probably why fitness gym chains have been growing in popularity in the past 5 years.

More people flaunt their fitness journeys on social media and use wearable tech a.k.a. “wearables” to aid their progress and make it suit their daily routines and lifestyle.

So where do apps fit in this picture?

When you think of gyms, you don’t necessarily link that thought with technology. Because obviously, working out and exercising are very physical experiences. However, with the recent turn of events, the melding of the two industries has been fortified by the need of the populace to keep moving despite the on and off restrictions on mobility⁠—and apps are the link that bridges the two concepts.

Apps come in handy for fitness gyms to keep with the growing need to integrate a traditionally analog experience to the new-world approach and no-code tools⁠—which require zero coding know-how⁠—are the key to achieving these perks hassle-free.


Advantages Having an App Brings to Fitness Gyms

Enhanced Virtual Noise Through Social Media

Having a mobile app that enables easy sharing on widely used platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can easily broaden a fitness gym’s online visibility and gather a tribe of followers that can shine the spotlight on their brand.

A strong social media presence can also drive new subscribers to the gym as the new generation of consumers gives more weight to reviews and feedback from current or previous customers versus ad campaigns and flashy marketing. A positive word of mouth can tip the scale of decisions for those who are on the fence or newbie health aspirants shopping for a gym to sign up for.

Staying Relevant on Member’s Lives

Having signed up for gym membership myself, I know how easy it is to put off going to the gym or even forgetting about it altogether due to hectic schedules and general fatigue in life.

Gyms that offer apps that take away even a tiny grain of friction that going to the gym entails can go a long way for its members to keep their fitness top of mind. Convenient features such as online booking for trainers and special equipment can be the push someone needed to be more accountable for their workout commitment.

With no-code features that enable in-app purchases, booking payments can be completed seamlessly creating a stress-free experience for users. No-code can also enable push notifications to remind members of their appointments and notify them of events, classes, or programs that might fit their needs.

In addition to on-site services, gym apps can also enhance members’ user experience with workout video tutorials and fitness inspiration to help with their motivation.

Boost in Attendance and Increase in Sales

A successful fitness gym isn’t necessarily measured only by the number of new signups, but also by the percentage of attendees that frequent their gyms. Full attendance in programs and classes then is a badge of the gym’s value for its members and in itself a marketing pull for others considering membership.

Another effective marketing strategy that is easily achieved through no-code tools, is by building apps that can offer their users in-app milestones logging. By making members’ achievements visible and measurable, gym-goers can be more accountable for their progress and will foster their drive to keep improving and reaching higher fitness goals.

Along with programs or classes, upsell of gym merch can also be applied on the app that propels sales.

A Personalized Experience

Because there is no cookie-cutter strategy for all fitness goals, a personalized experience could very well be the key to an effective and results-oriented fitness regimen.

Building a flexible fitness gym app with easy drag and drop no-code tools, reinforces its value to every user by delivering a personalized experience with features that cater to their lifestyle.

That could mean enabling connectivity to wearable tech which is all the trend these days. It could also mean creating relevant content such as short clips that demonstrates how exercises are done. Or by having pop-ups about a class users might be interested in joining based on their app usage.

A personalized user experience is an enhanced experience that catapults a fitness gym from one of many to an exceptionally remarkable one.

What’s Next?

There’s much to be gained for fitness gyms when they build web and mobile apps that mold their features from their members’ needs.

  • An enhanced virtual presence that makes them familiar and therefore more attractive to would-be members through social media. Easily accessible share buttons within the app can make it convenient to spread the brand name.
  • Having practical features integrated into the app such as online booking for classes and programs, as well as push notifications to alert users on promotions that adds better value for customers.
  • Featuring app abilities that encourage more consistent attendance and drives merch sales.
  • Going that extra mile with a more personalized experience for members with fun features and enabling connectivity with wearables.

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