What You Should Consider When Shopping for Software Development Agencies in 2022

The demand for more applications has never been more apparent. As we continue to inch towards digital dominance, our reliance on web-first solutions keeps growing. The internet has become so integral to us that quite literally millions of businesses exist solely because cyberspace enables it.

All that mentioned, the need for brands and businesses to develop apps—either for front-facing customers or internal communication purposes—is increasing too. As such, more and more companies are turning to software development agencies to help them actualize their app ideas.

But in 2022, what makes a great software development agency?

Let’s go over what leaders should consider when picking app development teams!

Know what your business app needs

When mapping out an app for your business, know exactly what functions and objectives you want to target. Nowadays, wanting an app for the sake of having an app can be considered a red flag! Software development agencies can only ever truly help you if understand precisely what gaps you need your app to bridge.

For instance, if you’re whipping up a custom-made project management app, how do you want the communication channels to look like? How do you want users to effectively track project progress and notifications? On the other hand, if what your business needs is a brand app, how do you want the members of your target market to use your app? Will they be collecting points? Will your app pack discount coupons and freebies? How do you intend to grow this app in the next year?

A deep compression of what digital products you need to be made can spell the difference between flop and victory.

That said, the first step in finding a trustworthy software development agency is knowing what kind of app you need.

A good portfolio is non-negotiable

When employers and business leaders dive through a sea of applicants, they check each person’s CV. The same can be said about shopping for software development agencies near you. Ask agencies if they have portfolios they can show you. What kind of apps have they built so far? Who are their target markets? Knowing this is critical because past client works reveal an agency’s technical expertise.

What’s more, asking agencies if they’ve built similar apps like the one you need to be made also gives you a great perspective on whether or not they can deliver effectively.

Determine their work process, communication strategies, and scheduled touch bases. Furthermore, find out what metrics these agencies have in place to monitor whether or not the app they’re building for you is effective.

Once you’ve established that the software development agency you’re partnering with is able and well-founded, here are other questions you can ask before you seal the deal.

Who will be my business’ designated accounts person?

Building apps can be a tricky process. It’s a journey that involves a whole lot of back and forth. That said, determine who your main contact person is. The last thing you’d want is for you to have access to all the developers working on your project. Your designated accounts person should be well aware of your project’s progress, pain points, and timelines. As such, figure out early on whom you can keep asking questions to. Streamlined communication is key to harmonious partnerships—app development agencies or not.

Can you paint me a picture of your end-to-end process?

Each software development agency’s processes are different. That factored in, you’ll want to know how the couple app development journey looks like on their end. From the moment you sign the contract to the launch of your app. Determine dates, feedback sessions, iterations, and maybe even marketing efforts, if applicable.

Who are your developers and will there be third-party agencies involved?

A software development agency’s success will rely greatly on how talented their teams are. Find out how many developers an agency has. Additionally, find out how many are in the senior rank and how many are considered junior developers. This also gives you a better understanding of the talent level your project will have.

More importantly, ascertain if third-party providers will take part in the app development process. Will all of the legwork come from one team or will they outsource certain tasks?

No-Code Development Agencies Are The Answer

There are multiple benefits to partnering with no-code development agencies. For starters, visual programming makes app development faster, more feasible, and more importantly—more affordable.

Whereas traditionally coded apps can take half a year if not one whole year to finish, no-code apps roughly take weeks or only a few months to create! This is because no-code development companies subscribe to the agile process of building software.

Not only are businesses more able to launch quicker and faster, but no-code applications are also much easier to maintain and alter, too, ensuring that updates are timely and your app won’t have to go through unnecessary downtimes should maintenance be prioritized.

We’re sure you have more questions—we’d love to answer them all! Here at MVP.dev, we’re here for you long after we help you launch your product!

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