What Makes An App Great?

There are a lot of moving pieces to a great app. Ever since the advent of the pandemic, it’s become more evident how reliant the modern world is on the internet and web-first solutions.

As such, the existence of millions of apps today shouldn’t come as a surprise. And while each app is created differently for different audiences, the non-negotiable aspects of every app remain the same.

Let’s take a good look at the many elements that make an app great!


One of the most fundamental bases of app development is usefulness. After all, what good is a beautifully made app if no one can use it? A great app should sport practical uses to merit enough value for your market to download it.

In fact, there are thousands of startups and small companies around the globe that build their entire business model around the existence of an app. Meanwhile, there are also organizations that create software to make easier and less complicated a service they already put out for their target audience.

That said, one of the most critical aspects of releasing an app is how useful it is to a group of people. Study their lifestyles, wants, needs, and motivations. These things help leaders determine the kind of value apps bring to their users.


The importance of user experience (UX) should never be overlooked. If you’ve come across instructions that took forever to understand, forms that were too confusing to fill out, and app pages that took longer than usual to load then you know for a fact how crucial UX is to users.

An effective UX allows your users to stay on your app longer, increasing their chances of wilfully wanting to interact with your business app much more effortlessly. That said, ensuring that your app’s UX is consistent and desirable is necessary.


Establishing an incentive program also helps add value to why your users should download or visit your app. Running branded apps is a stellar way for you to connect with your target market. Whether through promos, exclusive offers, and point system rewards, people are more drawn to engage with an app if they receive tangible benefits in exchange for supporting an application.

Fantastic examples of this are when brands provide discounts available only when customers purchase through an app or upgrade existing memberships that translate to freebies should users reach a specific milestone.


Applications that aren’t properly optimized have higher chances of having low engagement rates. In a world where both mobile and web apps are a dime a dozen, it isn’t uncommon for people to quickly ditch whatever app doesn’t load fast enough.

Why no-code solutions are the answer

Every day, the list of why businesses should invest in an app-only keeps growing. Apart from connecting with audiences and expanding customer loyalty, business apps are also a great way of streamlining how work is done in companies.

Whether corporations or startups, almost every organization can benefit from customized apps designed to improve how leaders and staff members communicate with each other. What’s more, apps also make automating processes much faster, allowing employees to focus on more complicated and time-consuming tasks.

Thankfully, no-code platforms now exist.

What used to be technology exclusive only to software engineers is now a democratized practice nearly everyone can explore.

And because no-code app development requires no coding knowledge at all, anyone who takes the time to learn the ropes can now build apps on their own, making it the best option for entrepreneurs who run startups and small businesses alike.

Not only are no-code solutions generally more affordable and feasible, but they’re also much faster to launch too! What mostly takes 6 months to an entire year for traditionally coded apps, no-code can launch in weeks or months if not days or hours!

Still, there’s also no shortage of reliable no-code software app development agencies companies can turn to for help. And because no-code solutions are managed by robust platforms like Bubble and Integromat, things like functionality and speed aren’t a problem at all.

What’s Next?

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