Top 5 No-Code Platforms in 2022

In every aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional, apps are a staple to easier and more convenient day-to-day dealings. Thus, utilizing such instruments of innovation to advance your business is a no-brainer.

Because of progressive advancements, we have stepped up to an age where everyone can create their own app with the help of no-code platforms that don’t need a lot of technical knowledge in programming or coding. There’s nothing stopping you from starting your own app today!

What is no-code?

As the term aptly implies, no-code is a programming route non-technical developers can optimize without having to learn how to write code. This means that citizen developers–the term given to non-traditional app builders–can straightforwardly create software from scratch simply by dragging and dropping elements. Through no-code platforms like the ones listed below, virtually anyone can now become a developer in no time!

How can you make use of no-code platforms for your business?

In all businesses, big or small, the leg-up that apps bring to the table can be substantial. Here are some of the perks they can add to your operations:

  • Budget management. Creating apps for your business with no-code tools can significantly cut back your expenses. Instead of a coding team, maintaining an app through these handy platforms can be managed by one person. Rates would also be substantially lower for no-code agencies as it doesn’t require years-worth of degrees and certifications to attain mastery of no-code platforms.
  • Smoother processes and operations. In creating apps that help in your overall productivity, such as organizational or scheduling apps that can be accessed on different devices, you’re also smoothening out possible wrinkles in your operations that save you time, effort, and money.

Budget management plus smoother operations equals high performance and productivity. These can either turn your business around to better sales or take it up a notch profitwise.

With the why laid out as a foundation, let’s get down to the how. Here are the top 5 no-code platforms that can get you started.


Versatile and user-friendly, Bubble offers all that you need, sprinkled with a little extra for good measure.

  • With its drag-and-drop feature, creating apps that are interactive and multi-functional can be quick and painless.
  • You also have full creative freedom to bring your concept ideas and branding to life without worrying about technical issues.
  • It’s also well-supported by strong servers that maintain and assure snappy responses no matter the number of users or traffic your app gets.
  • To help expand the scope of your business, Bubble also integrates email and SEO tools to boost marketing reach. But even better still, it provides analytics that can give you the data you need to make more profitable decisions.
  • Working with a team? No problem. Because this no-code platform can be shared with collaborators that can work on the same app.


Another option worth checking is Clickup which also caters to a wide array of media like project management, integration, and task management.

  • Clickup saves time and energy as it has a gallery of templates available for any purpose you might need for your business.
  • It also creates helpful organizational tools like time and goal-tracking for team projects.
  • It also integrates into and from other apps which is critical in production and operations.
  • Flexible app development allows you room to be creative or informative in your build with docs, timelines, and visual aids to demonstrate data.

Appy Pie

Next on the list is Appy Pie which offers snappy mobile apps and business-centered features while maintaining uncomplicated building skills.

  • This no-code platform provides friendly and assistive customer service in the unlikely occasion you hit a snag in your build.
  • With automated tasks, productivity is faster, more efficient, and more convenient for both builders and users.
  • Live chat features allow open communications that can connect your brand to your customers directly giving it a more personal touch.


Quixy is a cloud-based platform that is highly ranked for businesses for its ease of use.

  • Much like previous platforms, this no-code tool also automates workflows that can quicken internal processes in your business.
  • Like building blocks, the drag-and-drop feature makes it ultimately easy for no-code builders to get an app running in a short amount of time and less effort.
  • It also offers pre-set solutions for project management, travel & expense management and other similar basic processes.


 Best used for project management, Airtable’s features create a clear path for businesses wrinkle-free.

  • Functional features like easier access to content, and project calendars make Airtable a prime choice for project-based businesses.
  • It also ascends its value by delivering high-performing data and content management.
  • Versatility isn’t an issue with this no-code platform either with integration and responsiveness.

What’s Next?

There’s nothing hindering you from creating an app that catapults your business into better productivity and higher performance by using no-code platforms like Bubble.

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