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As Bubble is one of the leading no-code platforms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise how it’s helped many companies level up their customer service game. If you’re wondering how it has come to fruition and how it can be applied to you and your budding business, here’s the low-down.

A no-code platform such as Bubble offers an opportunity for any average joe to create their own apps through an easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop features that can be learned quickly and without needing technical coding knowledge-making just about anyone a decent app developer in minutes.

Through these apps, you can upgrade your business by:

  • Increasing productivity and efficiency. The key to smooth-running operations that are also profitable is by ensuring high-level productivity and efficiency in both its internal and external processes.
  • Lesser cost. In using no-code tools to create apps for your business, you minimize the cost of paying for and maintaining an app as these don’t need a lot of manpower to build or keep up. They also cost less than apps built by developers who have to make them from scratch.
  • More options and features. Money saved doesn’t mean you’re selling yourself short on the perks either. No-code tools are equipped with the same and even more options and features that can be dragged into or out of the app you’re building.
  • Weight off your shoulders. Because no-code apps are an all-in-one package, it doesn’t need a whole lot of brainpower, energy, or attention to get done and sustained. It’s as simple as designing a post or editing photos for your social media.

As a testament to Bubble’s power to take you to the next level, here are the top 5 most successful apps from this no-code powerhouse thus far:


Accounting can be quite a headache for many business showrunners in any industry. In comes, Incomee, an invoicing app that can be heaven-sent for freelancers who need to manage their invoices and a stress-free way to accept and track payments from multiple clients that might have different methods of payment.

Bubble’s clearly laid out interface also makes it easy for businesses to view their finances, payables, and receivables at a bird’s eye view to give them an immediate understanding of their financial standing.

Escape the City

Another company that utilized Bubble’s no-code tools is Escape the City, a company that helps startups get off the ground. Founder, Dom, has created an app for progressive companies to connect with users that might fit their needs and vice versa.

This app is as versatile and functional as any website or app built from the ground up. With over 1,500 companies and 1,000 users, this Bubble-made micro-site has opened new doors for countless people looking to escape their corporate chains and explore better career prospects.


 Every business has an overwhelming list of work going on at the same time which makes it easy for some things to fall under the cracks. But Zoidii has built an app on Bubble that helps businesses manage these and keep the quality at tiptop shape.

It offers businesses a streamlined way to manage work orders, maintenance, and inventory management in a simple but effective interface that’s easy to understand and even easier to use. To maximize its functionality, these jobs can be shared through team members that have roles to play while also keeping everyone involved informed and updated real-time.


With gyms closed down for a hot minute, fitness was also put on hold when the pandemic hit. However, with an app that allows live-streaming of fitness gurus, working out at home has become a possibility for many.

Built on Bubble, the Fittever app has presented an alternative to people who are stuck at home with accessible means to continue an active lifestyle amidst limited physical gyms and fitness centers.


There is always room for self-growth and that is what the Marlow app extends to its users with helpful resources for people looking to refurbish their skill sets. This Bubble app bridges its users to valuable coaches that can enhance their professional talents and take them a step further in their chosen careers.

With a painless signup procedure and a quick onboarding questionnaire, users gain access to a comprehensible interface where options for coaches are organized and sorted. Once matched, the app allows for 1-on-1 sessions and in-app messaging, and other interactive activities that are conducive to gaining mastery of a skill.

What’s Next?

Just as these companies have used Bubble to slingshot themselves to a successful venture, so can you with your own enterprise. As no-code tools need no prerequisite programming or coding know-how, you too can pick it up and wield its utility to your cause.

Better still, find you a no-code developing team to build you an up-to-the-minute app that’s in style with the recent times whilst keeping it on brand.

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