Tips for Renting a ‘Getaway’ Home Office to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

The life of a working parent is always a balancing act. Busy families rely on routines, but now that COVID-19 has shaken up our lives, chances are pretty good that your regular routine has been thrown off course as well. With old routines out, we’re having to create new ones that balance working from home, caring for children, keeping up with schoolwork, and enough free time to keep the stress from getting out of control. This is a lot for anyone to manage!

If this new work-life balance feels like it’s out of reach, why not try a creative solution to put a lid on the chaos? Renting a “home away from home” is the perfect answer because it allows you to get away from family life when you need somewhere you can focus on work life. Luckily, you can find homes for rent in Palm Beach Gardens that have fully equipped kitchens, are professionally cleaned, and have reliable high-speed internet so you can get your work done efficiently. 

Try these tips for achieving the best setup for your new “home office,” along with ideas for staying safe and creating a routine that works for your family.

Success Tips for Working from Your On-the-Go Office

Use these resources to help you find the right rental for your new workspace. You’ll also need a few tools that allow you to work on-the-go, plus habits and skills for being successful at working in a new environment.

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Make Health and Safety a Priority

Temporarily relocating to a rental property obviously requires you to leave your home, so make sure you have a plan for staying safe whenever you’re out.

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Get Everyone on the Same Page

There may be times when the kids need to be with you at your workspace, while other times you can get away to focus entirely on work. Either way, your family needs to be on the same page with who’s doing what and when.

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Even if you only go to a rental home a few days out of the week, being able to get out of your own house can be a tremendous help. What you need most is a workspace where you can focus on the job at hand without distractions. Use this guide as a way to create that space — so you can get more done during work time, for a happier home life during family time.

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