There’s automation. Then there’s Zapier.

Considering today’s technological climate, it’s almost impossible to go about daily life without digital aid. You don’t even have to look closely around you to realize that automation has changed so much of how we live. As a matter of fact, it’s become such a cruciality in industries because it doesn’t only improve how we approach work and daily living, it’s also greatly reduced opportunities for human error.

Case in point, the smoother an entrepreneur’s access to automation is, the more likely they’re bound to make their business boom. Take Zapier, for instance. It’s an online automation tool that’s designed to connect the apps you use the most to make your life easier. What it does is connect two or more applications to automate recurring duties without having to rely on IT experts or engineers to establish the integration.

For example, let’s say you receive a lot of emails on your Yahoo Mail account, and you want to be able to sort all of your email attachments and save them directly to Dropbox. Normally, what you’d do is open the mail and check the attachment, and then store it to Dropbox. But wouldn’t make working and business so much easier when these attachments go directly to your Dropbox without you lifting a finger?

That’s what Zapier does. It saves you time and effort.

How Zapier is Helping Businesses

Any no-code fanatic knows that Zapier is among the most popular platforms there is among its contemporaries. But to fully grasp why this is the case, you’ll need to understand what an Application Program Interface (API) is. At its core, an API is a computing interface that providers like Paypal, Wix, and Shopify offer so that developers can use them to automatically connect two parties. For example, software engineers could write code that looks out for new Amazon customers and then adds them to HubSpot. 

Zapier provides its users the same functionality and leverage of these APIs minus having to write code yourself. Alternatively, the leading automation tool extends you a basic list of “actions” and “triggers.” So instead of coding, all you have to do is choose what rules apply for the services you need to be connected. 

In other words, Zapier delivers a simplified integration process that enables you to automate everyday tasks that call for two or more apps.

How Zapier Works

A user establishes a “Zap” to define specific actions. This ensures that it works when “triggers” are caused. Triggers, on the other hand, can be anything from receiving an email to getting an Instagram comment. Meanwhile, an “action” is what’s executed after the trigger, so it could be sending a text message or forwarding specific emails. In this scenario, a Zap can then be to receive a text message every time a specific Instagram user comments on your account. It could also be to automatically forward certain emails from specific addresses to another email account.

Once you’ve finalized a Zap, it’ll remain working automatically. Should there be anything you want to change, Zapier’s control dashboard should make things quicker for you. What’s more, you can also choose among a vast selection of Zaps created by other Zapier users. That way, you have a lot more choices to pick from, apart from being able to create your own.

Some examples of companies using Zapier are:

All in all, Zapier easily gets crazy good reviews from many of its users because of its capacity to connect different applications without having to code. No documentation is needed for basic and complex workflows, and integration is almost always breezy, if not consistently. If anything, the integration platform is any business leader’s best friend when it comes to automation and ease of use.

Check out their pricing schemes here and determine which plans suit your needs best.

Who Should Use Zapier?

Zapier is advantageous to numerous industries and for countless corporate roles. Customer Relationship Management, for one, is a technology that can be costly for budding entrepreneurs just starting to get the ball rolling. Being able to reply accurately and accordingly to every inquiry can be impossible when you’re a one-man or one-woman show. That mentioned, Zapier plays an integral role in thousands of solo business leaders in that much of their daily routines and office tasks are reliant on integration.

Clearly, that’s not to say only solopreneurs benefit from automation. Marketing professionals greatly impact from app-integration, as well. Marketing automation is on the rise, and even experts in this field depend on it to accomplish many tasks. Whether email marketing engines, virtual events, or social media loops, automation fills an irreplaceable spot in how brands relate to their customers. Being able to actively depend on a technology that bridges many gaps and links numerous parties together helps maximize and optimize marketing plans and strategies efficiently.

From human resource officers to financial advisers, and real estate agents to fitness coaches, Zapier helps anyone and everyone who banks on plenty of apps to fulfill obligations.

Overall, the online automation tool is essential to keep workforces and workflows going. If you run a startup, own a digital channel, or work remotely with other professionals around the globe, let Zapier handle your busy work!

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