The top on-demand delivery trends for 2021


The novel coronavirus quite literally overtook 2020, bringing the entire globe to a depressing standstill. With companies closed and in-person gatherings kept to a minimum, the pandemic has proven to be just as strong an economic crisis as it is a medical problem.

The impact of coronavirus on businesses

The advent of lockdowns has pushed communities to turn to on-demand delivery services, with people opting to stay home more. As such, entrepreneurs are reveling at the numbers the on-demand sectors are experiencing, encouraging more business-minded dreamers to jump at the chance of actualizing their ventures.

Take these statistics, for example, a source reveals that grocery companies such as Instacart, Shipt, and Walmart each saw more than a whopping hundred plus percentages in increases, with Instacart even exceeding 200%. As these figures are only a portion of the delivery service industry at large, the future is looking bright for food delivery establishments.

On-demand delivery businesses are thriving, and with everything going on, these services will remain on top of their game even when the pandemic dies down.

Here are the leading on-demand delivery trends for 2021

Bite-sized meal deliveries

Most orders fall between full meals and shareable dishes, but a trend that’s starting to emerge is ordering bite-sized meals. Whether it’s only one cup of boba or an ala carte order of a burger, people are starting to turn to on-demand delivery services for light snacks.

This year, experts are predicting a surge of smaller orders. Food startups and restaurants are forecasted to introduce light meals and half-sized variants of substantially fuller plates. Along with this trend is the expectation of cheaper delivery fees too.

On-demand package deliveries

On-demand parcel deliveries took centerstage in 2020 thanks to the coronavirus crisis, and that particular trend won’t see an end any time soon. Same day delivery services, in particular, will remain a staple in shopping as entrepreneurs continue to optimize these services to keep selling. Furthermore, those in commercial and large cities stay at the forefront of these services as the items and goods they purchase online can find their way to their homes in a matter of minutes.

Like food ordered from UberEats, retail stores are now starting to deploy their products within minutes an item is paid for.

Sending items to friends and family has also seen a huge increase last year, and that also isn’t expected to slow down. From sending your loved ones and colleagues food and gift items, the ability to tap a driver and send a product over to someone else is convenient.

Multiple orders from various stores

There aren’t too many on-demand delivery services that allow users to pick and order from a number of restaurants and groceries and have them delivered in one go. As a result, entrepreneurs are looking into this kind of service. Current arrangements delivery arrangements don’t have this and for one to order from different places, they’d have to order twice, making it costlier to cover two delivery fees. 

This year, this set-up is expected to change as third-party delivery companies are expanding their services and offering the opportunity to order from multiple establishments in one delivery and fee. As such, marketplaces are also forecasted to thrive in the digital space as more business people are turning to web apps to optimize their ideas.

Delivery subscriptions

Another on-demand delivery service trend is delivery subscriptions. on-demand delivery companies started offering loyalty programs to their customers last year, and this year won’t be any different, experts say.

Whereas delivery fees on top of orders are an understandable set-up, a few delivery establishments are now looking at subscription services. This means that customers pay only once and they’re afforded unlimited deliveries, if not a generous number of covered deliveries with no additional charge.        

Inherently, food businesses are big on this, too, with many business people using the subscription model to deliver food to their customers.

Pandemic sanitation and safety measures

Despite the growing number of people getting vaccines, social distancing, heightened sanitation, and other hygienic protocols are still expected to stay in place for the remainder of this year. This is precisely why on-demand delivery services are starting to prefer cashless payments. Contactless deliveries have been around for a while, but delivery companies are expected to make even stricter rules to adhere to proper medical supervision and to contain the virus.

2021 is believed to retain these practices, with more riders and delivery personnel wearing masks and gloves, still, for the entire duration of their shifts.

What’s next?

The on-demand sector is growing and delivery services are starting to become a more viable option for those looking for consistent work in this kind of economy. Additionally, delivery subscriptions are often a win-win for businesses, too, as these also help solidify customer retention. Nowadays it’s difficult to imagine what society will look like without on-demand delivery services.

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