The Top 5 Two-Sided Marketplace Ideas for 2021

The numbers are looking brighter than ever in the e-commerce space. With digital shopping now a much stronger force than earlier years, entrepreneurs who are thinking of entering cyber business have more reasons to invest. For instance, online marketplaces are some of the best platforms to consider building as the abundance of suppliers and consumers are more apparent these days.

The pandemic has reshaped how people approach businesses, and markets are a lot more open to transacting online. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are the leading marketplace app ideas you should definitely look into:

Opportunity Board

Platforms that connect employers and talents are always worthwhile ventures because not only do you make a profit yourself, you help actualize the projects of others, too. It’s no secret that economies worldwide have recently experienced unsteady strides, causing the laying off of millions of workers. As such, a job board in 2021 would be nothing short of warranted, if not exceptional.

For starters, entrepreneurs can pick a niche or a specific community to cater to. For example, business leaders can accommodate creatives, prioritizing opportunities for designers, artists, and copywriters. Founders can also put up a web app where business people can post the scope of the work they need help with, and freelancers can reach out by sending them customized quotations.

There are thousands of opportunities available to virtually anyone, so visionaries who have innovative ideas will find a lot to work and play with in a marketplace such as this.


What better way to make a passive income than by renting out properties or equipment you already own. From extra bedrooms to spare wheels, people are sure to need one thing or another.

Leaders can set up an eBay-like platform, but for items and assets that need to be returned. As with many things in entrepreneurship, founders can simply partner with shops, stores, and agents who have properties and products available for lending. No actual purchases have to be made in a marketplace such as this, but investing in products you want to commodify isn’t a bad idea either.

Like our first suggestion, determine a market you want to capture and solve a problem. You’ll find that there are many concepts you can explore in a marketplace that links owners and borrowers. The sky’s the limit, so don’t shy away from tapping your friends and family who have goods they can make money out of.

Food Delivery

At first glance, the food delivery industry seems like an oversaturated sector. With giants like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub, why would small-time entrepreneurs still want to enter that space, right?

For every popular restaurant and food chain listed on those platforms are thousands more that aren’t. There is an abundance of talented chefs and skilled cooks who don’t have the means to build an eatery, let alone have the time to sell them. Developing a marketplace that connects residents to local food businesses is a stellar way to help emerging kitchen talent.

Partner with local eateries and find out if you have friends who are willing to commodify their cooking and baking skills. You can also explore the advertising of certain dietary plans. For instance, if you have friends who know how to whip up Keto meals or low-carb dishes, strike a deal, and work something out. You can have consumers sign-up for monthly packages where you can deliver their food either weekly or daily.

Food is something people will need regardless of whatever season and global hurdle may come our way. This is a marketplace that’s sure to have an immediate market.

Personal and Beauty Services

While people are starting to visit their favorite salons again, more people are embracing home services. That being the case, allowing customers to book their staple beauty procedures online and have them done at the comfort of their own homes is a profitable venture. You can partner with barbershops, parlors, and independent beauticians, the choice is yours.

What makes this business idea such a promising concept to explore is that you don’t have to be a beauty expert yourself. As long as you have a network of stylists and dressers you can employ, you’re good to go.


We all know how essential household aid is especially with matters involving technical help. From plumbing services to electrical assistance, many tasks at home are better left for professionals.

Creating a marketplace that fosters healthy relationships with the people who make living at home much more convenient is a surefire way to help keep careers going and households functional. Like everything else on this list, users can simply book the services they need, and the platform will automatically hook them up with an expert.

Founders can be creative by adding coupons and package rates, to make patronage much more appealing.


Entrepreneurs looking to build a career in the digital space need not look far. There are hundreds of more marketplace app ideas leaders can look into. What matters most is that visionaries continue to solve problems and speak to audiences. Where demand is present, the opportunity to earn, too, is there. If you’re looking for a team to help you build your million dollar marketplace empire, we’re the people you want to call. Give us a ring, and we’ll help you out

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