The Cost of Developing an App

When we look at an app or a game on our smartphone, it is seldom that we regard its creators as being the ones we should be secretly thanking. A lot of thoughts and workforce goes into making an android or iOS application. Various renowned companies in India offer efficient and prompt teams built for the creation of apps and games. They are reliable and easy to contact and can be found via their company website. The client may choose a range of price within which they want to hire a team to create the app. So, let’s move on to the question at hand – just how much does it cost to develop an app anyway?

The Factors

Various factors have to be taken into account before ascertaining how much it would cost to develop an app, which are –

  1. It is a single platform app (meant exclusively for one operating system) or a multiple platform app (works on both iOS and Android).
  2. The UI – whether it is a highly modified UI or a simple one
  3. Integration – whether the app has integration with other third-party apps or not
  4. Chat options – whether it has an integrated chat option or not, including video chat options, which naturally require more effort and programming
  5. Animations – whether the app you are building will have minimal animations or extremely textured ones.

Once you are done figuring how just what kind of an app you are making, based on these factors, it will be much simpler to gauge the sum of money that is required to develop it.

Types of Applications

The cost of developing an app also relies on what category of app you wish to build.

Web Applications – Web applications are modified websites to look and work better on mobile phones.

Native Applications – Native apps are those that are built specifically for an operating system on a smartphone – be it iOS or Android.

Hybrid Applications – These are much more complex than either web applications or native apps. They are designed to work on all operating systems but are, in fact, a bit easier to develop than native applications.

Once you get these out of the way, the only thing that remains is figuring out whether you want to make a paid app or a free app.

Paid Vs Free Apps

Paid apps directly make money when users download them onto their device, while free apps are available to download and use for free. Of course, you must set the right price for it. On the other hand, the only way for free apps to make money is through third-party advertising.

Affordable Rates

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