The Best Bubble Apps

Dozens of no-code tools today allow citizen developers to thrive and shine however they want to. From independent creatives to determined entrepreneurs, the no-code space has never been more dynamic!

One strong proof of how progressive things are in the tech space today is Bubble. Trusted by thousands of reputable developers and companies worldwide, Bubble continues to be a force in the no-code sector, competently leading the pack.

Built in 2012, founders Joshua Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov have come a long way in proving how profitable their company is. Named one of the most innovative companies of 2021, the no-code development platform is bound to grow tenfold and win even more awards in the coming years.

If, at this point, you’re still unsure what products you can create with them, let’s go over some of their biggest and most commercial apps.

Here are a few of Bubbles’s Best Apps


As their web app eloquently states, Uneebo is an “office interior design firm dedicated to designing the perfect office environment for your team.” Straightforward, classy, and comprehensive, the company’s design process consists of taking a style quiz, a free consultation, meeting the assigned interior designer, and then finishing the rest of the legwork.

If you run a firm as creative and accommodating as this one, then Bubble definitely is the no-code platform you.


Not every digital marketing campaign is created equally and UAE-based Reachr understands this. A medium that connects brands and influencers for seamless collaborations, this platform is a superb solution for entrepreneurs and content creators who are looking to be part of meaningful sales engagements.

Stunning, uncomplicated, and effortless, this web app is proof of how Bubble helps entrepreneurs bridge gaps and make a profit.


Now that vaccination programs are underway, more people are starting to welcome the idea of trips and vacations again. If you’re looking to score great getaway bundles in Abu Dhabi, you might want to check out Oceanair.

One of the more visually busy picks from the bunch, this Bubble-cradled digital offering allows tourists to choose vacation destinations around UAE, Egypt, Qatar, and Oman.

If you want to create a dynamic web app that allows your customers and clients to mix and match selections like this one, Bubble is an amazing platform to start with.


You don’t have to be from the land down under to get a glimpse of Australia’s Number 1 Garden Maintenance Booking Site. Also equally straightforward as the many other picks on the list, YardGuru is a fantastic example of how Bubble makes it easier for entrepreneurs to showcase their services.

Responsive, striking, and easy-to-use, this app should be reason enough for you to build an app on the platform, regardless of what business segment you cater to.

Think Confluent

If you think AI plays little to no role in the no-code space, you couldn’t be more wrong. As wonderfully fleshed out on Think Confluent’s web app, the platform efficiently deploys the powers of AI, allowing users to articulately express their work journeys and workplace suggestions.

A terrific solution to understanding the emotional health of your staff members, Think Confluent helps analyze data provided by staff members, giving bosses and upper management a better overview of how to approach employee concerns and demands.

Mental health and AI in one web app? We told you—Bubble makes everything possible!

What’s Next?

If it isn’t clear what your takeaway should be, it’s this: it’s time for you to build a web app.

Whether for your customers or your workforce, web apps are efficient solutions to streamlining systems and processes. What’s more, apps make for great solutions that help increase brand awareness and retention.

If you’re looking for a no-code platform to build an app on, Bubble is most definitely the answer.

If you need an agency to partner with to realize your visions, then that’s where we come in.

Do you want to develop an app built on no-code?

Give us a call, and we’ll help you out!

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