Six Bubble Apps You Need To Hear About

Business agility is centered around how quick (and how well) you adapt to change. For entrepreneurs with little to no coding experience, integrating business into tech in the digital age can be intimidating. The simple solution, however, lies in no-code.

A great no-code platform to get you started is Think of it as your gateway platform into the wonderful world of no-code. With bubble, you’ll find that building a web app is not as daunting a task as many make it out to be. Take it from these six businesses.


Niche: Employment

Goodgigs helps connect job seekers and mission-driven companies with one another. They provide full-time, part-time, and freelance opportunities for those in the fields of design, content, data, finance, HR, legal, operations, product, project management, marketing, sales, and tech.

Founder Dale Wilkinson has this to say about creating their app with bubble:

“Bubble is the ultimate tool for someone with or without technical experience like myself. With Bubble, I was able to turn an idea into an MVP in a matter of weeks. The only limit is your own imagination.”


Niche: Financial management

A “super small invoicing app for freelancers”, Incomee helps freelancers organize their monthly profits through a simple user interface. Income also provides a projection of users’ financial situation by the end of the year, making planning for the future a lot easier.

To add to this, Incomee also lets freelancers create professional and beautiful proposals in seconds. Talk about all-in-one.

Founder Guglielmo Pardo has this to say about creating Incomee with bubble:

“Bubble is an incredible tool that allows everyone to build and validate any idea in a few weeks instead of waiting months.”


Niche: no-code programming

Nucode is a community that helps individuals build applications even without coding experience. Their site boasts a collection of videos and tutorials on how to get started in no-code, tons of templates to get your no-code app on the ground, and gives members access to the best no-code experts and makers.

Nucode isn’t exactly new, but with the help of bubble, they’ve managed to take their business to the next level.

Founder Joe Brown and Product Designer Adam Podemski describe their experience using bubble:

“Bubble allowed us to scale Nucode to its current 2.0 version without any limitations yet – including building a custom forum, a no-code expert marketplace, and custom dashboards for every user.”


Niche: Environmental preservation

Treepoints is a social enterprise created to help individuals and businesses fight climate change. They serve as a great starting point for those who want to do something to help the environment but don’t exactly know where to start. The goal is to help people understand their carbon footprint, and then do something about it.

Fun fact: Treepoints was created by a pair of travel tech entrepreneurs. Goes to show that no-code doesn’t have to be just for your one business – it can be just as useful for passion projects.

Here’s what Ideable has to say about bubble:

“Quick, efficient and aesthetic. Bubble allowed us to build a beautiful, fully functioning website with little-to-no knowledge of code and development.”


Niche: Work management / healthcare

Equina helps medical frontliners take care of scheduling. Healthcare workers are no strangers to chaotic schedules, and this admin task often takes up valuable time in their day.. Equina takes all the messy parts of shift swapping, leaves, trades, and splits and integrates them in a user-friendly interface, putting healthcare workers in full control.

Equina highlights the use of no-code on their app, saying:

“Equina’s no-code rule builder puts the scheduler in the driver’s seat. We use industry-leading constraint optimization tools and have cut out the engineering time needed to set up your rules. You have complete control. Any rule you write is instantly applied to the auto-scheduler.”

HackerHouse – Coliving

Niche: Housing

Remote work has become an irrevocable consequence of the pandemic. For entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, it can be a challenge finding work places that are affordable, fun, and most importantly, productive. HackerHouse – Coliving ensures you stay in a work-conducive environment so you can take your work anywhere without compromise. Alternatively, if you have a space to rent out you can join HackerHouse as a host.

Founder Stephane Bounmy has this to say about his journey with bubble:

“When I started HackerHouse, building a platform from scratch was too much of a big task where I had to run the company and code. I started with Squarespace, then on Rails API + React but it was too difficult to maintain. Later the LinkedIn API changed and my users could not apply, so I looked around and found bubble. I love it and since finding the no-code platform, I never looked back. The limits are endless with Bubble. You can really build what you want as long as there is no deep tech or big JavaScript effects.”

What Are You Waiting For?

With no-code platforms like, the possibilities are endless. This is a golden opportunity for your business app to reach its full potential.

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